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CCM 3.3 to 6.1 upgrade (or new cluster)

We will be 'upgrading' (or more probably) building a new 6.1 cluster very soon.

Ideally we will build a new cluster on 6.1, then migrate phones, accounts etc across. However, i don't think that the DMA utility runs on CCM3.x

As such, i am considering using the mirrored drive on the Publisher (3.3) to build a temporary 'new' Publisher (standalone). I will then upgrade that to v4.3 with zero risk to the current setup. If this works, i should be able to run the DMA tool and export that info into the NEW Pub on the 6.1 cluster...?

Is this viable? I cant see any other route to easily re-register/licence all our phones. The thought of an upgrade from 3.3 to 4.3 THEN to 6.1 is not an option, the company are not prepared to risk that route lol

All this aside, if (ever! :) i get the licencing sorted out, can i simply use an ICT between the new and old cluster with a route pattern to route calls outside the new cluster to the old cluster?

The old cluster will retain all the calling intelligence and the E1 links too until the migration of phones is complete.

Finally - am i correct in thinking that existing voice vlans should be fine with 6.1, and that all i would need to do to move a phone to the new cluster is manually edit it's TFTP and Default Router settings to register with the 'new' 6.1 cluster...?

Thoughts appreciated. The company is going with a third-party provided migration/new cluster, but i have been tasked with managing the vendor, hence any info greatly appreciated so im sure we aren't being given duff advice by the vendor :o)

Many thanks!

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Re: CCM 3.3 to 6.1 upgrade (or new cluster)

if you have a small cluster or even a large cluster, I would go ahead just use BAT to export what you can (devices, lines, users). Then copy and paste that info to the BAT sheet in 6.1 and import it back in. I would take the time to reconfigure the dial plan on the new 6.1 server and really go through the dial plan to see if it's still valid. This is your window of opportunity to create new partitions, CSS, Route Patterns, etc. Alot of 3.x and even 4.x installations have old "theories" of how CSS and PTS should work. I have seen a lot of wasted effort in this area of the dial plans. My motto is, clean it up! Why have a complicated dial plan when you can simplify everything. But then again, if it works for you and you understand it, add it all back in.

When selecting the vendor, do not tell them how to you want upgraded, but see if they even mention this option.

As a backup, since your old 3.1 servers will be running and you can not get the 6.1 server to operate or function how you want, you can simply roll back by changing the TFTP server IP address on your network, and shutting down 6.1. Place 6.1 on an isolated area of the network and try again.

It also works both ways though. You can bring 6.1 up and get it running. Test it out completely, then move everyone over or even in phases if you like by using Route Patterns and ICT.

hope this helps!

New Member

Re: CCM 3.3 to 6.1 upgrade (or new cluster)

i have the same issue.

We currently have a hosted Call Manager Solution in Australia. CCM 3.x

We are bringing this inhouse and i plan to just build a new 6.1 cluster from scratch.

What happens with the device licenses. How do you apply for the licenses files?

Re: CCM 3.3 to 6.1 upgrade (or new cluster)

Since you are hosted, Im not sure that you actually own anything correct? You are simply leasing the system from someone? If that is the case, you will need to purchase everything new.

If you do own the licenses, you will need to work out how to transfer these to your new CUCM 6.1 cluster. It's a little cloudy how it is setup to day because it's hosted. If you actually own the equipment, software, etc. you can basically do the Product Upgrade Tool, receive your Node and software licenses for Pub and Sub. Then email for the DLU licenses. They will ask a couple question like Smartnet contract, order number for upgrade, etc.

New Member

Re: CCM 3.3 to 6.1 upgrade (or new cluster)

Yes we own the handsets, but not the servers.

I dont have access to the ccm at all. We will purchase a new CUCM 6.1 server license but i just want to know if i can send a list of device serial numbers to cisco and then get the DLU licenses from them?

Also what happens when you buy new handsets, do you have to request a new licnese file each time?

Re: CCM 3.3 to 6.1 upgrade (or new cluster)

You will still need to purchase DLU even though you own the handsets. They also have a new licensing scheme, not sure how it quite works yet, but instead of DLUs, you can get CUWL or Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing (i think!). It's still DLUs, but instead of purchasing certain amounts, they bundle it all together.

I would plan on purchasing DLUs for now unless your cisco account rep says different.

make sense?