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ccm 4.0 hunting question

having a little issue with hunting on CCM 4.0 when it comes to forwarding to voicemail.

basically i jsut cant get it to work. i put the Voicemail DN as the last and it goes to the enter your password greeting. i am testing from an ip phone that does not belongto the hunt.

what am i missing. im sure this is not as complicated as i am making it out to be.

thanks in advance


Re: ccm 4.0 hunting question

What is the call flow?

Are you using Line groups, Hunt groups? CFNA ?

the Call viewer if using Unity is your friend



Re: ccm 4.0 hunting question

Call flow goes something like this

call come into the department (internal to organsation as well as external). goes to a phone and then hunts if not answered. if no phone answers it should go to a general mailbox for that department.

i am using line groups, hunt lists and then i have created a hunt pilot.

my test is with two phones, 2010 and 2011. the last in the line group is extension 9000 which is the voicemail pilot number.

Re: ccm 4.0 hunting question

I would not put the hunt pilot in the same group has your IP Phone list. You should have a HL list that has Two Groups, Your IPPHONE Group and VMPortGroup. By the looks of it, it appears you are not doing that. One more thing that I would like to add, In Unity watch your call viewer and see whats coming into Unity. Create a routing rule that forwards that call to the correct General Delivery Mailbox.

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Re: ccm 4.0 hunting question

Hi Arvind,

Just to add a note to the great info you have already received. What is the Hunt Pilot DN# ?

If it is something like 2500 for example, can you try adding 2500 as an Alternate Extension on the Department General Mailbox XXXX.

Hope this helps!



Re: ccm 4.0 hunting question

Guys thanks for all the assistance as usual.

Call viewer was really my friend :)

call routing on the unity worked

alterante extension also worked. i have to do some more reading up on unity.

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