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CCM 4.1(3) Sr3b and Route List Problem


We can two voice gateways connected via ISDN PRI to two different carriers. I want to force call via second carrier and have included its connected gateway in the RL as primary gateway only.

But the call goes through secondary gateway through secondary provider. Any idea if it is bug with CCM , we are using MGCP gateways with 12.4(3g).

It is working but not the desired behavior what we want.

Thanks in advance,

New Member

Re: CCM 4.1(3) Sr3b and Route List Problem


I'm missing here how many route group you have configured, but I'll try to present you a way (IMHO the right one) to accomplish what you want.

So, I suppose you have already configured and in-service the 2 MGCP gateways and their endpoints.

Now create two route groups:

- The first route group will contain the MGCP GW1 endpoints.

- The second one shall contain the MGCP GW2 endpoints.

Then configure two route lists:

- rout list 1 having route group 1 as first-choice member, and optionally route group 2 as second choice member, if you want redundancy among the gateways.

- route list 2 reversed in order of the route list 1 or having only route group 2, if you don't want redundancy.

Click on the route group name, that appears on the left panel to configure any calling or called number manipulation for each route group in a route list.

Configure the appropriate route patterns that distinguish the two type of calls and route the calls to the appropriate route list (not the gateway)



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