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CCM 4.1 and Distinctive Ring

I have CCM 4.1 and was wondering if it is possible to set a distrinctive ring for a particular extension. In other words, let's say I want extension 1234 to ring a certain way when that extension calls my phone and a different ring for every other extension. If this is possible how do I go about configuring this? Thanks in advance for any help.


Re: CCM 4.1 and Distinctive Ring

Distinctive Ringing is a feature that has been available on Cisco CallManager 3.0 when you use Skinny Gateways such as the DT24+ or the 6608 T-1 blade. However, this functionality is not available until release 3.1.2c with use of an H.323 gateway. In order to enable Distinctive Ringing, you must set the service parameter H323NetworkLocationOffNet to True


Re: CCM 4.1 and Distinctive Ring

The Distinctive Ring Feature that hadbou is referring to can differentiate between OnNet(Internal) vs OffNet (External) calls and will give a slightly different ring cadence to the same ringer file.

Unfortunately I dont think this helps you much. I don't believe there is a way at this time to differentiate rings depending one certain calling numbers much like the way I have the Darth Vader Music playing on my Cell phone when my Mother-In-Law calls. Basically you can assign only one ringer per Directory Number.

Now in some rare cases - say you wanted to audibly know when your boss is calling from his IP Phone. I suppose you could do some tricky things here, like assign his phone to a different calling search space that contains an additional partition and make sure that partition is higher order than what is applied to your DN and then apply that partition to a translation pattern that is the same DN as your Extension. Then that translation pattern would translate to a different Extension that would be assigned to you second line on your phone that could have a different ring.

Probably not applicable but food for thought.

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Re: CCM 4.1 and Distinctive Ring

Hi Kurt,

I like Shanes thinking on this one! 5 points for your humor as well Shane :)

I think the simplest way to do this would be just to add a second "Private" line on the phone for 1234's exclusive use. This way you can add a distinctive ring for this line and your good to go. This also has the side benifit of making the user of 1234 feel special which is always a cool thing. There is no other functionality currently that will accomplish this request. Don't forget to mask the CLID for this private line to the main number on the phone to keep the info hidden.

Hope this helps!


PS: Shane, I always get a laugh when my Brother-In-Law gets a call from his wife and the tune "The Ants come marching" plays on his cell phone :)

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Re: CCM 4.1 and Distinctive Ring

Shane and Rob,

Thank you both for your input and for giving me a laugh.


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