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CCM 4.1 SIP Trunk nueb

Hello, Let's say first and foremost, I'm not a voice guy. I'm trying to get a voip lab setup and I'm having strange issues. I have CCM 4.1(3)sr4d with an IP Communicator soft phone and a 7961 IP phone. The out side connection is a SIP trunk provided by Voxitas. Internet connectivity is through a PIX 515E running 7.2(1). The CCM is statically PATed on UDP/TCP 5060 and 5061. The soft phone works perfect on outbound calls. Inbound calls ring and can be answered, but after 30 seconds you receive a second call from the same phone number. The 7961 has the DN in the same partition with the same CSS but can only call the soft phone. No external calls can be made, inbound or outbound. I have switched the DN's and the soft phone still works but the 7961 does not. When calling the 7961 from an external number, you can see activity on the Trunk in the real time monitor but the call never goes through and usually ends with a fast busy after some time. What I don't get is, aren't both phones using the same dial plan? How come one phone can be found but the other cannot? The SIP trunk has 2 numbers assigned. The trunk is set to use 3 significant digits, which correspond to the DN of the phone. Any ideas? Thanks a bunch!


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Re: CCM 4.1 SIP Trunk nueb

Never mind. I got it! Don't use SIP trunks with PAT. It doesn't work and is hard to troubleshoot. Use static NAT instead.

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