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CCM 4.2.3 Administration breakout

Is there a way to sub divide CCM Administration by device pools or some other group? We have regional admins, and want to give them access for MAC's, but not to the entire database. thanks


Re: CCM 4.2.3 Administration breakout

Dont think that is possible, the nearest solution would be MLA (Multi-Level Admin)

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Re: CCM 4.2.3 Administration breakout

Hi Pete,

Just to add a note to Gonz's good info (as always Gonz!) You can use MLA and just give the Regional Admins specific access like the Functional Group (Standard Phone) to reset phones etc;

Multilevel Administration

Multilevel Administration (MLA) provides multiple levels of security to Cisco Unified CallManager Administration. This technique permits granting only the required privileges for a selected group of users and limits the configuration functions that users in a particular user group can perform.

Prior to the availability of MLA, administrators with read/write access to Cisco Unified CallManager configuration could change any or all the database/directory elements that are accessible through Cisco Unified CallManager Administration and Cisco Unified CallManager Serviceability. Users could inadvertently disable the entire system with a few mouse clicks by accidentally modifying the data to which they do not need access.

Standard Functional Groups

Cisco Unified CallManager MLA creates standard functional groups. The following functional groups comprise the standard functional groups:

Standard Plugin

Standard User Privilege Management

Standard User Management

Standard Feature

Standard System

Standard Service Management

Standard Service

Standard Serviceability

Standard Gateway

Standard RoutePlan

**Standard Phone

From this good MLA doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: CCM 4.2.3 Administration breakout

Thanks for the info. But from what i see, if I give them "standard phone", they could change ALL phones, not lets say, just phones they are responsible for.

I didn't think there was a way to do this, but thanks for all the help

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Re: CCM 4.2.3 Administration breakout

Once you add a user with MLA how to you create or change the users password? Or is the password the same as the ccmadministrator login?

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