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CCM 4.2 SRST Question/Problem

I have CCM 4.2 with a 3845 SRST. When performing a sh ccm-manager I get the following:

Primary Registering with CCM 10.x.x.x

First Backup Backup Ready 10.x.x.x

Second Backup Backup Ready 10.x.x.x

But when I force the failure phone register. Anybody have any ideas why it wouldn't register?

Ping's work both directions.

config looks good.

ccm-manager fallback-mgcp

ccm-manager redundant-host 10.x.x.x

ccm-manager music-on-hold

ccm-manager config server 10.x.x.x (pub)

ccm-manager config


mgcp call-agent 10.x.x.x (pub) service-type mgcp ver 0.1

thanks in advance

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Re: CCM 4.2 SRST Question/Problem


why wouldnt the show ccm-manager show registed with CCM.

the phones do register under SRST mode

Re: CCM 4.2 SRST Question/Problem

You have 2 completely different functions here.

SRST - for phones and other similar devices that support SRST to register with the router when CCM is not available.

MGCP Fallback (not SRST!) - This is where the MGCP configured voice ports fallback to H.323 mode (IOS/default application) when the router MGCP and ccm-manager functions can not establish connection to call-manager AND ccm-manager is configured for fallback-mgcp.

Depending on the outage type, when the router MGCP and ccm-manager can't speak to CCM they will be in fallback mode (H.323) and the ccm-manager and MGCP will continously check to see if the server is available, just like phones in SRST mode. When a phone in SRST is able to re-register to a call manager it does automatically and goes out of SRST mode.

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Re: CCM 4.2 SRST Question/Problem

That explains it. Thank you!

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