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CCM 4.2 to third party sip phones


have a customer that currently has CCM 4.2 at thier head office. they have another site that they now want to join to the ccm. however, that site currently has a small ipt install using SIP phones. i think the name is snome or something like that. what will be needed from a configration and licensing standpoint?

im thinking a simpl SIP trunk on the ccm to communicate with this new site?. also, do i need to add tech licensing for these new phones? .im thinking not but ive been wrong before :)

thanks in advance

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Re: CCM 4.2 to third party sip phones

CCM 4.2 does not support SIP of any kind. To do this this you would have to use call manager 5.X as SIP is biult in. Hope this helps.


Re: CCM 4.2 to third party sip phones


this doesnt apply then?

Configuring Regions (Region Relationship) For SIP Devices with the MTP Required Option Enabled

When you configure a region relationship, you must ensure that you choose an audio codec that has sufficient bandwidth for all the devices that will be used in a call. This includes configuring the codec for devices that will be in the same region as well as devices that are in different regions. When you configure a trunk or third-party phone to use the SIP protocol and Media Termination Point Required is enabled, Cisco CallManager Administration only allows you to choose a G.711 codec in the MTP Preferred Originating Codec field. When you assign the SIP trunk or third-party SIP phone with the MTP Required option enabled to the device pool for that region, you must verify that the region relationship between the SIP device and the MTP device is configured to use a codec with equal or greater bandwidth (G.711 or Wideband codec).

Thanks in advance

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Re: CCM 4.2 to third party sip phones

Well, with CCM 4.2 you can have SIP itegrations via SIP trunks, to service provider for example, where this would be applicable.

CCM 5.0 supports SIP endpoints.


Re: CCM 4.2 to third party sip phones

I have not heard of this in the past. It does look like you can communicate with SIP using an MTP resource. I do not know how this might work. Maybe someone out there can fill us in on this. I would be very interested to know this.


Re: CCM 4.2 to third party sip phones

Well yeah its getting into that grey area now :)

basically, what im attempting to acheive is that i have a central site running ccm 4.2 and a new site with existing Sip phones (Third party) i think shom is the manufacturer, and i need to establish communication between these two.

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