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CCM 4.3 and AD


I to interconnect the CCM and AD (2003), using the guides from Cisco for this. Follow step-by-step with the administrator of the AD. The communication of the CCM and the AD is OK (users are seen in CCM), but can not make any changes in the user side of the CCM (change of PIN, device association and etc).

DCD Admin User profile is the Schema Admin group, as described in the guide, change the parameters of the record were made but these updates do not occur.

Changes only occur when we change the access right of DCD Admin from Schema Admin Groups to full access. However, this is not in the documentation and the procedure for full access to the third party software is against the policy of the client.

Some of you have made the integration of CCM 4.3 with AD? There is some detail that is not described in the guide?


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Re: CCM 4.3 and AD

have you changed the AD registry to accept changes from CUCM?

be aware plenty of fields will still not be modifiable via CCMAdmin and when integrating the assumption is you're going to do any changes required in AD



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if this helps, please rate
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Re: CCM 4.3 and AD

Hi Java

Yes I changed the AD registry.

We did the step-by-step 5 times!


Re: CCM 4.3 and AD

Let me clarify this:

Creating the Schema Update Allowed Registry for AD 2003')">

When running for the very first time the plugin we add Objects and properties into Schema, thats why we need Schema Administrator permissions and run the plugin against the server that ha sthe Schema FSMO role.

thats the very first time, once Schema has been modified, when you are actually making a change you will read System Profile, User profile,User information, etc.

Here is the information of the specific permissions you need:')">

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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