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CCM 4 vs 5 (6)

So with the announcement of 6.0 I am worried about deploying 4.x and having to upgrade in the not so distant future. Have people been deploying 5.x successfully? Does anyone know when 5.x or even 6 (when it is official) will be golden bridge?

Take into account we will most likely be doing IPCC as well and need true stability.



Re: CCM 4 vs 5 (6)

5.x deployments are starting to show some good sign. I am currently doing a rollout for 5.1. 5.x has the same feature set for SCCP as 4.1, so there is no need to move to 5.1 unless you want Presence, SIP line side features, Busy lamp fields etc. Also with 5.x, IPCC 4.5 is the only version that works and the downside right now is that there is no high availability. You are stuck with a cold standby solution. (even thought HA is in the roadmap for future versions of IPCC that will work with CM 5.x)

I would never want to go to 6.0 for atleast next 6 - 8 months (from FCS).



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Re: CCM 4 vs 5 (6)

Great information, and thanks for the IPCC info, haven't heard that as of yet. I think we are going to stick with 4.x but move to 4.3.1 since it is golden bridge.

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