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CCM 4.x or CCM 5.x Adding a single phone?

How does every one handle adding single phones? BAT is a GREAT tool for adding phones it pre populates all the settings and ensures consistency when adding phones... My question is how does every one handle the daily adds. I'm using BAT for all my adds to maintain consistency... Do others just copy another phone, you do you add the phone in new and select every field?

On the CCM 5.x they have a Phone/User add option now, however it doesn't do the partition, or speed dials... It would be nice if that option allowed you to select a BAT template for the phone and User... Uploading a CSV file for a single phone add is tedious...

On my 4.X platforms I creates an ASP script that would take input form a web page form and write out the proper CSV file on the CCM publisher. That way I could easily add the single phone in with BAT... I'm not sure what I'm gong to do with CCM 5.x as I cannot use the the previous ASP script...

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Re: CCM 4.x or CCM 5.x Adding a single phone?

get up the details of a phone on the admin pages and copy it before inserting it with the new mac address. you may need to subscribe it to services and check the ext mobility option but those are the only differences I have found

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Re: CCM 4.x or CCM 5.x Adding a single phone?

Yes copy works for the phone... Then you have to insert the Directory number and select all the settings for the Directory number by hand sooo tedious....

I see with CCm 5x there is now a copy with Lines, however once you copy with lines and change the Directory number, it empties most of the drop down boxes...

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