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CCM 5.1 and Analog lines

Hello Folks,

I have an Avaya environment (4 sites) and moving to Cisco Unified Communication. We have started with the HQ first and then we go through the other 3 sites. Currently, in addition of Fax machines, we have analog lines that we use in order to send messages to the pagers or Cellulars when there're errors with the system. As the other 3 sites are still Avaya we need to communicate them by modem in order to resolve the issues in the case of errors. Certain people use modems to communicate with banks. We have about 22 modem lines in the HQ. My question is do I need to use a VG224 or 248 for this matter? Can I use a direct connection from patch panel to the modems? What advantage am I going to have by using VG224/248 over connecting the modems manually to the patch panel?




Re: CCM 5.1 and Analog lines

Stick with VG224, the DSPs are better. I think Cisco doubled the price on the VG248 instead of end of life the VG248.

Use structured solutions such as the Panduit patch panel;®ion=USA&recName=VP24382TV25Y&Nao=100


Re: CCM 5.1 and Analog lines

Thanks Jason,

The link that you sent me is corrupted.

My question is do I really need to use a VG? What gonna happen if I don't use VG and connect the modems directly to the patch panel?



Re: CCM 5.1 and Analog lines

Yes you need a VG224 for your density. Google "VP24382TV25Y panduit"

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Re: CCM 5.1 and Analog lines

Hi Bahman,

The VG224 or VG248 is the piece of the puzzle that actually supplies the Analog connectivity. The cable you need from the VG224 is an RJ21 (Male) and from the VG248 is 2xRJ21's. Normally you would be taking this 25 pair cable to a cross-connect of some type. Here are the parts you would need to connect to a 24 port rack mounted Patch Panel (without needing to terminate the cable with Bix or 110 connecting tools).

Cisco RJ21 Cables

24 Port with RJ21 Male

These are just examples :) I have not checked pricing $$

Hope this helps!


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