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CCM 5.1, Overhead Paging and Atlas Zone controllers

Hello - again I look to you all for help. We have recently installed a new CCM 5.1 integration and everything has worked well except for the overhead paging. With our old PBX we were able to dial a directory number and access into the overhead paging (2 zones). With the new CCM integration we aquired 2 Atlas Zone controllers and were working with Berbee and Informacast to integrate the paging. However, we have not had much luck. We had picked up a couple Grandstream HT488's and a program called Pagekom but had intermittent problems and finally the HT488's gave out. So I'm back to where I basically need to start over. Has anyone integrated their VOIP system into an existing overhead paging (I'm really not interested in phone to phone paging at this point so Informacast is really not a concern right now.) Like I said, we have a CCM5.1 install, Atlas Zone Controllers, and overhead speakers (amp driven). We are still using a few of the old analog phones and the old system to do any paging but I want to be able to do paging from any new IP phone and if possible any analog phone (we have VG224's) that we kept in place.

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Re: CCM 5.1, Overhead Paging and Atlas Zone controllers

The paging system will generally have separate analog ports for the separate zones it supports (if you have multiple zones), and one port for all zones.You will assign extensions to each port and the end users will need to know what extension to dial for each zone or for the all-zone port. Some systems have analog ports you use to dial in to the paging system, then dial a code (significant to the paging system only) to indicate what zone you want to use.

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