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CCM 5.1: Possible to make subscriber new publisher?


is ist possible to make a subscriber server the new publisher after a publisher failure?

My Idea is to give the subscriber the publisher role to re-enable features like Cfwd and EM quite fast, and then rebuild the original publisher as subscriber server.


Re: CCM 5.1: Possible to make subscriber new publisher?

Nope. You can't promote a sub... All the data worth anything is on the pub.

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Re: CCM 5.1: Possible to make subscriber new publisher?

Hi Joerg,

Just to add a little informational note to Kevins good info. When we last met with Cisco (about a month ago) we were told that the ability to promote a Subscriber to Publisher is "in the works" and is one of the most highly sought after feature requests. I know this doesn't help for now, but it is something on the horizon :)

Hope this helps!



Re: CCM 5.1: Possible to make subscriber new publisher?

CallManager 6.X contains a lot of changes in DB that allows you to have CF and EM when Pub goes down.

In prior versions of Cisco Unified Communications Manager, subscriber servers in the cluster use the publisher database for READ/WRITE access, and only use the local database for READ access when the publisher database cannot be reached. With Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release 6.0, subscriber servers in the cluster READ the local database. DB WRITES happens in both the local database as well as the publisher database, depending on the type of data. DBMS (IDS) replication is used to synchronize the databases on the nodes of the cluster. When recovering from a failover conditions such as loss of WAN connectivity for extended period of time, the Cisco Unified Communications Manager databases need to be synchronized with any changes that may have been made during the outage. This process happens automatically when database connectivity gets restored. This process may take longer over low bandwidth and/or higher delay links.

Database modifications for CallProcessing

User Facing features can be made on subscribers. These include updates for:

Call Forward All (CFA)

Message Waiting Indication (MWI)

Privacy Enable/Disable

Do Not Disturb Enable/Disable (DND)

Extension Mobility Login (EM)

Monitor (for future use, currently no updates at the user level)

Hunt Group Logout

Device Mobility

CTI CAPF status for end users and application users

Credential hacking and authentication

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Re: CCM 5.1: Possible to make subscriber new publisher?

Is there any workaround to enable log in using ext mobility in CCM 5.1 ? Documentation says it need to configure server name instead of IP adress in ext mobility URL definition, but not clear how it goint to work finally. Is it need to use DNS server and to update it manulally in the case of primary CCM failure ??


Re: CCM 5.1: Possible to make subscriber new publisher?

Yes...that is for URLs...

We need to use a DNs server which resolves based on which server is available.

The new feature is about EM service internally and DB usage/

Thanks for pointing this out

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