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CCM 5 DB issue

Hi all,

I think I hit a DB issue for my CCM 5.1(2b) new installation.

My LD pattern is under LD partition and my local pattern is under Local partition. When I made a LD call from DNA, I saw it match a pattern that is in Local_Site partition and the pattern in LD partition is a alternative match. Therefore LD calls failed. And I don't have any pattern in Local_Site partition any more. I used to have that. But I deleted it and I can't see it from the route pattern page.

So what I did was recreat the pattern it claims to match, and re-delete them. Then this time, the LD calls match the pattern in LD partition. However, when I rebooted the server, this pattern comes back and LD calls failed.

Is there a tool like SQL manager that I can actually see the database and delete entry accordingly?

Is that a bug that I should apply patches to?



Re: CCM 5 DB issue

From CLI you can use:

admin:run sql ?


run sql sql_statement

To get rid of that...although we may find why is that happening...

Did you upgrade from any non-appliance model version?

New Member

Re: CCM 5 DB issue

Thanks for your reply.

Now we are having even more issues. Some of the phones can't do call forward all. I had made sure their phone configuration is exactly the same.

No, we are not doing any upgrade, it is a fresh installation.

BTW, can you suggest any sql statement that I can use? I only use enterprice manager before and not familiar with the actual statement.


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Re: CCM 5 DB issue

Do you have a subscriber and/or have you tried rebooting it yet. That will re-establish replication typically. If not, look up the command line tools for fixing replication. I would do that before I started modifying the DB manually.

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