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Hi there

I have a situation with a customer that puchased CCM5 and used the old CCM4 licensing,is there a way to upgrade the the phone licensing to be compatible with CCM5

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Re: CCM 5

Hi Tau,

Here is some good to info to get you started;

Migrating from Cisco CallManager 4.0(x) to 5.0(x)

When you migrate from Cisco CallManager version 4.0(x) to 5.0(x), the licenses that are required for existing phones and existing Cisco CallManager nodes is calculated and an intermediate file (XML file) that contains these license counts will be generated during the Cisco CallManager migration process. These licenses are given free of cost because you are already using these phones for Cisco CallManager version 4.x. If you are provisioning new phones and nodes after migrating to Cisco CallManager 5.0(x), you need to paste the intermediate license file in the License Registration window on CCO.

Use the following procedure to register existing licenses and request for new licenses.


Step 1 In Cisco CallManager Administration, choose System > Licensing > License File Upload.

The License File Upload window displays.

Step 2 Click View File. A pop-up window displays that has the license information for existing phones and nodes. Copy this information. To copy the contents on this windrow, you can use Ctrl-A (Select All) and Ctrl-C (Copy).

Step 3 On the License Registration window of CCO website, in the text box provided, paste the file contents using Ctrl-V.

Step 4 You must enter the MAC address of the Cisco CallManager server that you are requesting the licenses for, and a valid E-mail Id.

Step 5 To obtain the actual license file, click Submit. A license file is generated.

Step 6 You must upload the license file to the server with the matching MAC address that you provided in Step 4. See the "Uploading a License file" section in the Cisco CallManager Administration Guide. This node takes on the functionality of the license manager.

From this doc;

Here is the thread from October with great answers from Jorg and others!

Take care!


Re: CCM 5


The method you choose depends on two things.

a. If you want a clean 5.0 install with just the licenses carried over from 4.x

In this case if you have smartnet contract on the 4.x system, you can call customer service and tell them to issue you a new 5.0 license for the phone counts you have. For this you may also need to tell them the original SO number for the 4.x equipment (server, software, phones etc)

b. If the 4.x database need to migrate to a 5.0 system

In this case you can do a windows upgrade method, where you backup the existing database using DMA tool (Database Migration Assistant). If your server meets the requirement of a min. of 72gb hard drives then you can upgrade the existing server to 5.0. Otherwise if you buy a new server, you do have the flexibility to migrate the datbase without touching the system in production. Once the upgrade to 5.0 is complete on the new server you can swap the two servers.

The steps mentioned below could be followed to migrate from 4.x to 5.0 on a new server:

a.Take BARS backup of existing publisher

b.Install same version of 4.x (including patches) on new server (Publisher)

c.Restore database from the backup tar file you did in step a

d.Take Acronis backup (or ghost) of new server you just built. Store it in USB drive

e. Install Callmanager Upgrade utility and run it until all errors are fixed

f.Install DMA (latest version) ? This will need to match up with the version of 5.0 you are installing. If CM 5.0 version is 5.0(4), then download DMA version 5.0(4)

g.If DMA throws out errors, you may have to call TAC (1-800-553-2447)

h.DMA outputs the database into a tar file. Store this tar file in a usb drive or in a server that can run SFTP or FTP

i.Install 5.0 on the new server and in the wizard, select Windows upgrade. This will let you specify the ip address of remote SFTP or FTP server and data location and pull the tar file down.

j.The 2 nodes (publisher and subscriber) and the phone counts (converted into DLUs) will show up in the License Unit report page in Callmanager after the upgrade.

More details can be found here:



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