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CCM 6.0(1a)

Guys i just got CCM 6.0(1a). i opened the box there are 2 dvd;s and one cd in it.....on a first dvd three things are written business edition 6.0(1a), unity connection 2.0, installation dvd....on the other cd it two things are written unity connection and system recovery....on the third dvd it says upgrade from 5.x to 6.0(1a) it mnight be stupid but can i ask which is the original one....or i shd have 5.x version and i can upgrade it from the dvd i got in the pack or the first one is for new installation on which unity 2.0 is written guess i m confused as i need to install it asap....please help m eout

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Re: CCM 6.0(1a)

Hi Guroo,

The first DVD should be all you need :)

Starting the Installation


Step 1 Insert the installation DVD into the tray and restart the server, so it boots from the DVD. After the server completes the boot sequence, the DVD Found window displays.

Step 2 To perform the media check, choose Yes, or to skip the media check, choose No.

The media check checks the integrity of the DVD. If your DVD has passed the media check previously, you might choose to skip the media check.


Note If you have a new server with Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition preinstalled, you do not need to install from a DVD, unless you want to reimage the server with a later product release. You can go directly to the "Entering Preexisting Configuration Information" procedure.


Step 3 If you choose Yes to perform the media check, the Media Check Result window displays. Perform these tasks:

a. If the Media Check Result displays Pass, choose OK to continue the installation.

b. If the media fails the Media Check, either download another copy from or obtain another disc directly from Cisco.

Step 4 The system installer performs the following hardware checks to ensure that your system is correctly configured. If the installer makes any changes to your hardware configuration settings, you will get prompted to restart your system. Leave the DVD in the drive during the reboot:

After the hardware checks complete, Product Deployment Selection window displays.

Step 5 In the Product Deployment Selection window, select the product to install; then, choose OK. You can choose from the following options:

Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Cisco Unity Connection

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition (includes Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Unity Connection)


Note Only the products that are supported on your server appear in the list.


Step 6 If software is currently installed on the server, the Overwrite Hard Drive window opens and displays the current software version on your hard drive and the version on the DVD. Choose Yes to continue with the installation or No to cancel.

The Platform Installation Wizard window displays.

Step 7 To configure the platform now, choose Proceed. If you want to configure the platform later, choose Skip.

If you want to install and configure the software at this time, choose Proceed and continue with this procedure.

If you want to install the software now and configure it later or if you have a server that has Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition preinstalled, choose Skip and continue with the "Entering Preexisting Configuration Information" section.

Step 8 In the Basic Install window, choose Continue to install the software version on the DVD or configure the preinstalled software. Continue with the "Performing the Basic Installation" section.

Hope this helps!


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