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CCM 6.0 CDR Management FTP vrs. SFTP

Hello Netpro. I have a CCM 6.0 server, and I'm trying to integrate it with a 3rd party billing server. When I try to insert a new billing server using FTP, the connection times out, but if I use an SFTP server it works fine. The problem is that the 3rd party software only handles FTP.

FTP server is up and running and I can send files from other devices in the same vlan as the CCM to the FTP server. I even placed the FTP Server in the same VLAN for TS purposes. From the FTP server side, you see the CCM logging in succesfully but then it does nothing and the connection times out.

Any ideas?


Re: CCM 6.0 CDR Management FTP vrs. SFTP

Without "CDR Repository Manager" logs, it's hard to tell. You may either collect the logs or use FreeFTPd.



Re: CCM 6.0 CDR Management FTP vrs. SFTP

As michael stated we will need to logs, which is the exact version of CUCM?

6.1.3 is pretty stable for CDR FTP/SFTP.

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Re: CCM 6.0 CDR Management FTP vrs. SFTP

Try to use FileZilla FTP Server - its free and works fine.

Also note, that it works only with CDR, for CUCM backups you should use something like CoreSFTP

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