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CCM 6.1.2(1000) Subscriber addition


im trying to add a subscriber to this version of CCM. im getting an error standing that the server is not the first node. thats incorrect because its the only one. im not too sure whats going on.

the subscriber has the same version.....

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Re: CCM 6.1.2(1000) Subscriber addition

Hi Arvind,

The steps for adding a subsequent node (subscriber) are listed nicely in this doc;

Hope this helps buddy!



Re: CCM 6.1.2(1000) Subscriber addition

there must be some excuse as to why i didnt know this....i probably need to take a relax. none the less im a little red in the face as i missed the big NOTE geez

thansk again as usual. ill advise if it worked

"If the first node is not synchronized with an NTP server, installation of the subsequent node will fail"

strangely enough this isnt my first sub might be a little more embarrassing thinking about it.

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Re: CCM 6.1.2(1000) Subscriber addition

Hey Arvind,

You are not alone here! We all have moments where we can't see the forest for the trees :) It's always good to take a step back and have a coffee (or a cool one!)

Another set of eyes is helpful as well.

Take care my friend,



Re: CCM 6.1.2(1000) Subscriber addition


same issue. ive configured NTP on the router. its showing synch on the Main CCM and im seeing the associations. in still gettting error "Configured First Node "My Node Name" is not a first node.

- is "My node Name" entered correctly?

- is "My node Name" the correct first node for this node?

again, its only one server and im now trying to add the backup.


Re: CCM 6.1.2(1000) Subscriber addition

alright, this solved it. those messages threw me off big time. i reset the security password and that solved it. ill be honest here, i entered the password multiple times and i was suer it was correct. HOWEVER, and youre gonna laugh, i didnt notice the CAPS LOCK when i set the initial security password lol.....

im still laughing.anywayz, im now getting an MTU issue but i think i saw the bug fix for that


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