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CCM - Broadcasting?

I have been monitoring an interface that has been performing poorly, it seems the majority of the traffic is being generated from the CCM Publisher/Subscriber and the CCM Router to IP 239.x.x.x (Apparently the broadcast address for CCM)

The packets are being dropped, however my reporting tool picks up the traffic as being Tx. Can we tinker with these broadcasts somehow? Ideally I'd like them to be blocked fowarding to our global links.

Thanks for any input


Re: CCM - Broadcasting?

The default range used for Multicast MOH is 239.x.x.x range. Are you using multicast moh, if not then you can disable this in callmanager.

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Re: CCM - Broadcasting?

I'm not too sure what MOH is? Can you explain what this is and what happens if it is disabled within call manager. Also how does one go about the disabling.


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Re: CCM - Broadcasting?

Sorry MOH is music on hold, we can't disable this. Thanks for your help in anycase

Re: CCM - Broadcasting?

I didnt mean to say to disable MOH. If you dont want multicast MOH, you can just disable that option and still run unicast MOH.

The advantage with multicast MOH is that the streaming is always on. So the person who is on hold, doesnt hear the music always from the start of the music. Multicast MOH also reduces the load on the MOH server (Callmanager), as only one stream is required, no matter how many phones are put on hold, unlike unicast streams. When you enable Multicast MOH, the default range of address on which music is streamed, starts in the 239.x.x.x range. This also requires that you set a hop count in Callmanager so that multicast packets can cross router boundaries to the farthest phone in your network. In addition to enabling Multicast MOH on callmanager, you also need to enable multicast routing in your infrastructure.

So the conclusion is either you keep multicast moh enabled and enjoy all the benefits from it but at the same time your network equipment will have to pass multicast traffic or you can disable multicast moh and use unicast moh, which definitely do have the disadvantage of increased load on the moh server depending upon how many ip phones are on hold (or pstn calls).



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