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CCM CLID Groups.


I have a Call Manager 4.1 with a mgcp gateway.

At the moment we have all users using a CLID of the main number.

I wanted to have the majority of users sending their DDI number as the CLID and the remaining users sending the main number as their CLID.

I can get this to work for either method but only for all users.

Does anyone know if their is a way to setup groups for this so I can put users/devices into a DDI-CLID and Main-Number-CLID group?



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Re: CCM CLID Groups.

You would need to parition your system into 2 groups which would require seperate Calling Search Space per group with access to seperate route patterns. One set of CSS would have access to route patterns where the CLID is overwrriten on it, and the other CSS would have access to route patterns that have "use external phone number mask" checkbox checked.



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Re: CCM CLID Groups.

Hi, Cderen

Just need your help to answer the following question:

1)I have two line line 1 & line 2.

2)Line 1 is used for incoming calls

Line 2 is for outgoing calls.

3)customer wants to take Hunting/DID numbers for Line 1.

4)I have written an IVR script, which uses a place call to call out.

Q. Is it possible for IVR to generate/send CLID with an outgoing call, which I input from IVR..


I was thinking the following: place call uses Call control GP ID & dialog group Ids, which are actually tied to a JTAPI trigger.The JTAPI trigger is related to the CTI ports in the CCM using which place call calls out.

So in my script I use the nested IF:

IF a var=1

place call(gp ID1, Diglog Group say 1)

else IF var=2

place call(gp ID1, Dialog Group say 1).

and in CCM for CTI port pertaining to gpid1/Dialogue id 1, I can set the outgoing caller ID under "external phone mask".

Telco recognises these numbers since on their cloud, since this is a DID/hunting number.

The idea is called party can return the call on this CLID if they miss tanswering this call.

This is similar to on the IP Phone sending it's DID to the PSTN cloud.

5)Any other thought from your side how this can be achieved.



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