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CCM Configuration

i have a v basic question..........on which bases i would use MCGP,SIP or H.323 on my router fro my call manager...........what are the htings on which i would choose one of these protocols........secondly if i have a FXS port attached to my router and i have couple of IP phones which can call each other would they call the non IP phone do ihave to do confoigursation of CCM or router....keeping in mind that all phones are at one site.........regards

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Re: CCM Configuration

About your first question:

There a lot of factors that can influence the choice of the signaling protocol; however because your phone are al at one site i think h323 could be a good choice.

(keep in mind if you use h323 you must do the most of your work on te GW while using MGCP is easier)

About your second question(if you use h323)

You have to perform on the GW a dialpeer voice 'tag' pots with destination pattern the DNs you want your analog phones have

and a dialpeer voice 'tag1' voip with the appropriate destination-pattern and pointing

to your CCM.

On the CCM site configure a route pattern pointing to your GW in order ip phone can call analog phone attacched to the FXS ports

hope this help

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