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CCM design and deployment in a >40ms WAN environment

I understand that CCM is not supposed to be clustered over a WAN exceeding 40ms.

With that in mind I?m considering design options to provide CCM services to a low number of VoIP clients (200-400) on two separate sites. The problem is the sites are separated by a WAN connection just barely exceeding 40ms RTT.

With the budget in place to only purchase two servers, I do not want to place both the servers on one site and have phones from the opposite site registering over the WAN. This is due to WAN failure options not meeting customer expectations (limits of SRST versus CCM).

Assuming I placed each server at each site. Would the only drawback be that I could not cluster them together and that they would have to be managed and configured as separate entities?

If deployed in this manner, in the event of one CCM failure, would failover to the functioning CCM on the other site still work for all phones?


Re: CCM design and deployment in a >40ms WAN environment

If you setup individual clusters at each site, phones dont fail over automatically between clusters.

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