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CCM Express as CUCM Fallback


I would like to use CCM Express as a CUCM Fallback using CCME/SRST Functionnality.

But I would like to configure by myself ephone and ephone-dn (not using auto provision).

The point is when I try to create an ephone-dn, it is always up (show dial-peer voice summary). So when a call comes into my gw when CUCM is up (normal mode), it is routed to CCM Express and not to CUCM.

If I let the GW create ephone and ephone-dn automatically, everything is ok. Indeed, when a phone unregister from ccm express, the dialpeer is down so that the call can be routed to CUCM.

Is there any way to configure that ? Is it a normal behavior ?



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Re: CCM Express as CUCM Fallback


Have a look at this document and see if it helps...

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Re: CCM Express as CUCM Fallback

You can solve your problem by applying "no huntstop" to all ephone-dns.



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Re: CCM Express as CUCM Fallback

Thanx for your answer.

Unfortunately, it does not work.

I think I understood why .... That's because I configured call-forward noan/busy. So when a call comes into an ephone not registered, it is forwarded to another number.

I would need a call-forward unregistered but this functionnality does not seem to be available in CUCME, doesn't it ?

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Re: CCM Express as CUCM Fallback

I had the same issue.

no huntstop does not help because the dial-peer is still active and it has closer match.

The only workaround I found is to create the dial-peers for each extension and give it lower priority. But if you have 200-300 users... Also ephone dial-peer have $ at the end of each destination pattern which means even closer match then just extension and therefore the dial-peer for ccm must contain the $ as well.

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