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New Member

CCM - rejected call still ringing


I have call Manager 7.1.5 . I noticed that when I call from phone (on CCM) to mobile phone, and if I reject call on mobile phone, phone (on CCM) is still having same sound in headphone (waiting user to accept call).

What cause that? What option do I need to check?




New Member

Please answer the following

Please answer the following questions.


1. Is it happenig with all the calls to mobile phone throug all gateways or just one specific type (MGCP, H323) Please also mention if we are using PRI or its voip to voip.

2. Was this working fine before?

3. Did you or ISP made any changes?

Can you collect detailed call manager traces for the call and also mention the Calling and called party information. ring back is played by the CCM for PSTN  calls when we get the ringing signal. We need to  verify if PSTN is sending is any signal to let us know if the calls is not answered.


also collect following debugs if we are using H323


debug isdn q931 (for PRI)

Debug h225v asn1


New Member

Hi,1. This is happening on


1. This is happening on SIP trunk (without CUBE). We have other two provider and i test and it is same situation...

2. No.

3. I contact them but still no response from them.


One college who work with Asterisk told me that i need to check is ring back played by ccm and maybe there i can adjust some option? whera/can that be checked.


I will collect traces on monday because today i am finish with work.





New Member

Hi Ivan, Thanks for the info.

Hi Ivan,


Thanks for the info. Please send me the traces at or attach those to this thread.

New Member

Hello Ivan,if you are using

Hello Ivan,

if you are using FXO, you just need to check the "timing gardout 500" command under the FXO port at the VGW


Mohamed Helmy

Regards, Mohamed Helmy
New Member

Hi Mohamed,we are using SIP

Hi Mohamed,

we are using SIP trunk direct from provider to our CCM.



VIP Super Bronze

Collect CUCM traces and send

Collect CUCM traces and send to us..

Please rate all useful posts "The essence of christianity is not the enthronement but the obliteration of self --William Barclay"
New Member

Hi, traces are added:number


traces are added:

number on CCM: 689885

Number called: 09156362XX (my mobile phone)




I did 3-4 test calls...

For test purpose (one call) i set gsm phone on (flight mode) no network. and usually when you call that phone auto voice told you some message but i did not hear any sound message, phone did not beep...  it was like dead :-)

Please help.



New Member

Digits were dialed endblock03

Digits were dialed endblock

03/31/2014 07:16:57.247 CCM|StationInit: (0000902) EnblocCall calledParty=00915636231.|<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::><CT::2,100,39,1.12204775><IP::><DEV::SEP00270D3E0572><LVL::State Transition><MASK::0020>

Digits analysis

03/31/2014 07:16:57.248 CCM|Digit analysis: analysis results|<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::><CT::2,100,39,1.12204775><IP::><DEV::SEP00270D3E0572><LVL::State Transition><MASK::0800>
03/31/2014 07:16:57.248 CCM||PretransformCallingPartyNumber=689885

CI of the first LEG Ci=44044351

03/31/2014 07:16:57.248 CCM|Digit analysis: insert daResEntry to daResCache. KeyCi=44044351 ,PID:Cdcc(2,175,9834)|<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::><CT::2,100,39,1.12204775><IP::><DEV::SEP00270D3E0572><LVL::Arbitrary><MASK::0800>

CI for the Second Leg CI = 44044352

03/31/2014 07:16:57.250 CCM|RouteListControl::idle_CcSetupReq -  RouteList(RL-METRONET), RouteListCdrc::create  CI = 44044352  BRANCH = 0|<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::><CT::2,100,39,1.12204775><IP::><DEV::SEP00270D3E0572><LVL::Error><MASK::1000000>


03/31/2014 07:16:57.250 CCM|RouteList - RouteListName=''RL-METRONET'' CallableEndPointName=''65df5682-11fa-9cf2-49cb-09f8ca4a7b07'' routeListEnabled=''1''|<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::><LVL::Detailed><MASK::0800>
03/31/2014 07:16:57.250 CCM|TDCLdb.hpp - CallManagerGroup - serverCount = 2|<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::><LVL::State Transition><MASK::0800>
03/31/2014 07:16:57.250 CCM|TDCLdb.hpp - CallManagerGroup - nodeId = 2|<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::><LVL::State Transition><MASK::0800>
03/31/2014 07:16:57.250 CCM|TDCLdb.hpp - CallManagerGroup - nodeId = 1|<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::><LVL::State Transition><MASK::0800>

CI 44044353of the MTP getting invoked (assuming the MTP option is checked on the SIP trunk)

03/31/2014 07:16:57.253 CCM|MediaResourceCdpc(9276)::waiting_MrmAllocateMtpResourceReq - CI=44044353 Count=1 TryPassThru=0|<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::><CT::2,100,39,1.12204775><IP::><DEV::SEP00270D3E0572><LVL::Special><MASK::8000>
03/31/2014 07:16:57.253 CCM|MediaResourceCdpc(9276)::findDeviceGivenList - Name=MTP_2 type=1 isTRPMust=1 weight=0|<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::><CT::2,100,39,1.12204775><IP::><DEV::SEP00270D3E0572><LVL::Detailed><MASK::8000>

We send an invite to

03/31/2014 07:16:57.256 CCM|//SIP/SIPTcp/wait_SdlSPISignal: Outgoing SIP TCP message to on port 5060 index 477
INVITE sip:00915636231@ SIP/2.0
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2014 05:16:57 GMT
From: "Metronet test" <sip:107807885@>;tag=09aff83d-e35e-4126-b546-06154a359328-44044352
Allow-Events: presence, kpml
P-Asserted-Identity: "Metronet test" <sip:107807885@>
Supported: timer,resource-priority,replaces
Supported: X-cisco-srtp-fallback
Supported: Geolocation
Min-SE:  1800
Remote-Party-ID: "Metronet test" <sip:107807885@>;party=calling;screen=yes;privacy=off
Content-Length: 206
User-Agent: Cisco-CUCM7.1
To: <sip:00915636231@>
Contact: <sip:107807885@;transport=tcp>
Expires: 180
Content-Type: application/sdp
Call-ID: acc53000-3381fa49-2e02-c08010a@
Via: SIP/2.0/TCP;branch=z9hG4bK4c236c6eef91
CSeq: 101 INVITE
Session-Expires:  1800
Max-Forwards: 70

o=CiscoSystemsCCM-SIP 2000 1 IN IP4
s=SIP Call
c=IN IP4
t=0 0
m=audio 28886 RTP/AVP 8 101
a=rtpmap:8 PCMA/8000
a=rtpmap:101 telephone-event/8000
a=fmtp:101 0-15


03/31/2014 07:16:57.267 CCM|//SIP/SIPTcp/wait_SdlReadRsp: Incoming SIP TCP message from on port 5060 index 477 with 303 bytes:
SIP/2.0 100 Trying
From: "Metronet test" <sip:107807885@>;tag=09aff83d-e35e-4126-b546-06154a359328-44044352
To: <sip:00915636231@>
Call-ID: acc53000-3381fa49-2e02-c08010a@
Via: SIP/2.0/TCP;branch=z9hG4bK4c236c6eef91
CSeq: 101 INVITE
Content-Length: 0

We Received Ringing


SIP/2.0 180 Ringing
From: "Metronet test" <sip:107807885@>;tag=09aff83d-e35e-4126-b546-06154a359328-44044352
To: <sip:00915636231@>;tag=0004c6f4000bc3b8
Call-ID: acc53000-3381fa49-2e02-c08010a@
Via: SIP/2.0/TCP;branch=z9hG4bK4c236c6eef91
CSeq: 101 INVITE
Content-Length: 0


Call Manager sarted playing alerting to our Phone

03/31/2014 07:17:00.578 CCM|StationD:    (0000902) StartTone tone=36(AlertingTone), direction=0.|<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::><CT::2,100,45,1.338168><IP::><DEV::><LVL::State Transition><MASK::0020>

Now you pressed End call to disconnect the call

03/31/2014 07:17:05.322 CCM|StationInit: (0000902) SoftKeyEvent softKeyEvent=9(EndCall) lineInstance=1 callReference=44044351.|<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::><CT::2,100,39,1.12204860><IP::><DEV::SEP00270D3E0572><LVL::State Transition><MASK::0020>

If this is the call than we need Telco to send us message to disconnect the call.

Symptoms you mentioned this time are of no audio issue. Please explain the issue and Lets stick to one issue at this time.


New Member

Thank you for your time and

Thank you for your time and explanations!

Yes that’s good call.

Before pressing end call, i reject call on my mobile phone but nothing happened.

I will contact them.



New Member

Teleco told me that they

Teleco told me that they check and that everything is ok at their side sad