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CCM Upgradation from 4.0 to 4.3

I upgraded CCM 4.0 to 4.3. Can somebody suggest what are the steps I can follow to check that the upgrade is successful.

Already created a user in publihser and can see this replicated in the subscriber.

Any other ways to check??

2)After upgradation, I changed the server name to IP address to remove DNS dependency.

when I change the IP Phones swing on CCMs by stopping the Call manager servers on the CCMs one by, the phones get registered perfectly o.k. between to the CCMs.

However I notice the CTI ID: change to 3 and 4 for PUB and SUB(normally which I notice as 2 and 3).

Also I notice Server name of SUB change to CM_IP Address instead of IP Address - in List of call managers section.

Is this an issue?



Re: CCM Upgradation from 4.0 to 4.3

Your IDs changed because you removed the CCM servers as DNS names and recreated them as IP Addresses to eliminate your dns dependency. This is OK and should have no impact.

The CM_IPAddress should not be a problem either. This is a default naming convention. You should be able to change that manually too without problems.

Also, for further testing of your upgrade, check and/or test the following:

1) Phone configurations and operations

2) Dial plan operation: local, ld, int, internal, etc.

3) CTI port operation (if you have them)

4) CTI Route Point operation (if you have them)

5) Component Version mismatches

6) Route patterns & translation patterns

7) Hunt lines, groups, pilots (if you have them)

8) Web access: phones & ccmuser

9) CCM Tools/Applications: ie: BARS, DNA, IPMA, PA, CER, AC, etc.

10) Gateway operations

11) SRST operations (if you have them)

12) MLA operation (if you use mla)

13) Voice mail operation

14) MTPs, Transcoders, Conf. Bridges (if you have them)

15) Any special Enterprise Parameters you may have set prior to the upgrade

16) Any special Service Parameters you may have set prior to the upgrade

17) Time schedules/periods (if you use them)

18) CCM Features: ie: call park, pickup, group pickup, etc.

19) Device loads

20) Device templates & profiles

Bottom line, after an upgrade, especially a major, it is always a best practice to basically check every single piece of operation upto and including the new device software and how it operates.

For example, my last upgrade all seemed fine. It wasn't until I checked my SNMP monitoring that I found a problem with the 6608 PRI ports weren't able to be monitored by my OpenView anymore. Turned out this was a bug in the new Device Load for the 6608 PRI ports.

(i downgraded the load and all was fine)

Cisco Employee

Re: CCM Upgradation from 4.0 to 4.3

the fact you get a CM_IP/hostname when you stop or disable the services and the reenable and restart is WAD, nothing to worry about



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Re: CCM Upgradation from 4.0 to 4.3


That was useful.

One more thing.I have just done the upgrade with prod DB in LAB new servers.Later on I have to do with the latest copy of CCM DB backup from CCM 4.0 on the same servers and then these servers would be in production.

1)Does that mean I have to reinstall the CCM and OS on both PUB and SUB and redo the whole process(during CCM upgrade I have to supply the 4.0 DB for system to upgrade to 4.3 format)?

IS OD reinstallation is must , can't CCM be just uninstalled?

2)Can I just do this on PUB.

3)Won't the SUB resync the DB with the PUB DB if I don't tough the SUB.


Cisco Employee

Re: CCM Upgradation from 4.0 to 4.3

not sure i'm following you but a restore can only be done on a fresh install

you only do this on the PUB, when you install SUBs they will pull the data that has been restored



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