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CCM Upgrade from 4.0(1) to 4.2(3): Call Manager Upgrade Utility

Hi all,

Jsut wondering... in the sequence of steps necessary to upgrade a CCM server should the "CCM Upgrade Utility" be run before installing any available "OS Upgrades" and "OS Service Releases"? ie: should it be the first step in the upgrade process?

Or, alternatively, should it be run...after...applying the latest available "OS Upgrade" and "OS Service Release"...but before...applying the "Cisco IP Telephony Application Upgrade" and the latest "Cisco IP Telephony Application Service Release"?

Thanks - Peter


Re: CCM Upgrade from 4.0(1) to 4.2(3): Call Manager Upgrade Util


"CCM Upgrade Utility" only tell you that your current OS or CCM verison are ready to upgrade from 4.0 to 4.2 or not.

After run "CCM Upgrade Utility", base on the report, you will know what you missing.

However, you still need to read the release note for 4.2, it will tell you how to upgrade from 4.0 to 4.2, what OS, SQL or patch you need before upgrade to 4.2.

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Re: CCM Upgrade from 4.0(1) to 4.2(3): Call Manager Upgrade Util

Hi Peter,

Just to add a note to Kens good info. Here is the recommended steps (in order) from the CCM 4.2(1) Upgrade Guide;

Upgrading the Cisco CallManager Publisher Database Server

Step 1 Verify that you have performed all pre-upgrade tasks.

Step 2 Remove all servers in the cluster from the NT Domain or the Microsoft Active Directory Domain.

Step 3 Manually disable and stop all platform agents, Cisco-verified applications (Cisco Partner Applications), and Cisco-provided coresident applications that run on the servers in the cluster. Reboot the server.

Step 4 Manually install and configure the CIPT Backup and Restore System (BARS), version 4.0(7) (or later).

Step 5 Using the Backup and Restore System (BARS), version 4.0(7) (or later), manually back up the Cisco CallManager data to either a network directory or tape drive.

Step 6 Run the Cisco CallManager Upgrade Assistant Utility on all servers in the cluster. You must perform this task on one server in the cluster at a time, beginning with the publisher database server.

Step 7 If the server supports drive removal, remove a drive from the server to save your data and configuration.

Step 8 Use the operating system upgrade CD-ROM or the operating system upgrade web download to upgrade the operating system to Cisco-provided version 2000.4.2sr2 (or later).

Step 9 Download and install the latest Cisco IP Telephony Server Operating System service release (2000.4.2sr2 or later). (Required)

Step 10 Download and install the latest OS-related security hotfixes, if any. (Recommended)

Step 11 Upgrade Cisco CallManager

Step 12 Upgrade all of the subscriber servers in the cluster.

From this good 4.2(1) Upgrade doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: CCM Upgrade from 4.0(1) to 4.2(3): Call Manager Upgrade Util

Thanks to both for the feedback. Much appreciated. Cheers - Peter

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