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CCM with gatekeeper

Hi guys,

I need some expert advice on my setup. if i need to setup a gateway and a CCM to communicate via a gatekeeper. i am using thesame zone for the gateway and CCM. i have the gw-priority command pointing to the right endpoint.

my question is this, do i need to prefix my route pattern on the CCM with the tech-prefix of the gateway for the call to be routed properly by the gatekeeper?


Re: CCM with gatekeeper

You can either register the E.164 endpoints in your GW...or using the prefix in the RP, and use zone prefix in GK config.

Lets say you can use a tech prefix for 1# and another for 2# to differentiate between devices.

But yes, in case E.164 are not registered from GW, use ta tech prefix


Re: CCM with gatekeeper

With CM in picture it is always recommended and suggested that you use tech-prefix. They are not very friendly when it comes to registering with e164 (DID) when compared to a router. From what I've known and seen, CM does not register to the GateKeeper using E.164 Address and I dont remember hearing about this behaviour being changed.

You can use what Gonzalo has mentioned if the CM would not be registering to the GateKeeper.


Re: CCM with gatekeeper

Correct CCM cannot register E.164.

Here is a sample config i use in my lab:


zone local SANJOSE

zone local DALLAS

zone prefix SANJOSE 1* gw-priority 10 SANJOSE_2

zone prefix SANJOSE 1* gw-priority 9 SANJOSE_1

zone prefix DALLAS 2*

arq reject-unknown-prefix

no shutdown


Only SANJOSE is using CCM, other are H323 GWs.

I would do the following:

Lets say CCM uses 1XXX range and H323 GW 2XXX range

In the RP, You can use 2XXX and prefix 2#.

GW should register using 2#.

Then you only remove the 2# prefix in GW (voice translation rule)

From GW to CCM use dial-peer voip|ras| and use tech prefix 1# for example.

In CCM ICT GK Controlled you use 1# to register this trunk.

Then you can just use significant digits in ICT (set to 4 if extension leghnt is 4) and thats it,

Let us know

New Member

Re: CCM with gatekeeper

Fantastic. this works alright thanks very much.

one last thing, is it possible for the gateway to have thesame tech prefix as the CCM?

i mean gateway and CCM having thesame tech-prefix? (1#)

will gatekeeper be able to route call between them?

Re: CCM with gatekeeper

Its definitely possible to have the same tech prefix for two gateways. Tech prefix is kind of a tag to distinguish and isolate which route the call needs to be routed. In case of same tech prefix, GK will look at gateway priority if any defined. If priorities are all the same, it will load balance in a round robin fashion.

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