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CCM3.3.2 to CCM5.1 Upgrade

I have a cluster of Call Manager 3.3.2 servers. I am planning on buying a new cluster, Everyone is saying that the upgrade from 3.3.2 to 5.1 is near impossible. Is this true, I want minimal downtime, but with a new cluster of servers to port the data over to, it seems like down time could be minimized. Our configuration is not very complex, we have a large number of phones, but I am thinking that the database could be exported, data could be massaged and then the phones re-input using a BAT tool for CCM5.1 if necessary. Also I am hearing that CCM5 might not be ready for production. Can I get some feedback on this.

To Summarize:

1. How possible is 3.3(2) upgrade to 5.1

2. Using new servers how difficult will it be.

3. If I configure the new servers by hand for most config, and then use BAT to transfer phone devices. Would this help?

4. Is CCM5.1 stable enough to use in production


Re: CCM3.3.2 to CCM5.1 Upgrade

I have had nothing but trouble using DMA to migrate the data from 3.3, before upgrading to 5.x. My colleague had similar issues with DMA as well upgrading from 4.x to 5.x. Both these cases may be isolated issues, but still i would recommend if you have the money to buy a new server,

a. try installing your existing version of CM 3.3 in the new server,

b. migrate the 3.3 database from your existing publisher to the test server built in step a.

c. use dma on the test server to migrate the data.

d. if dma runs successfully ("Good luck with this"), store the tar file that DMA generates into a Usb drive.

e. Install 5.x on the test server and specify windows upgrade as the upgrade option. You will need to put the tar file in step d in an ftp/sftp server from which the wizard can download it.

f. From my experience so far with 5.x, I would recommend installing 5.1 and not 5.0.



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Re: CCM3.3.2 to CCM5.1 Upgrade

Wow, thanks for the quick response.

So our depoloyment is not very complex.

If I manually configure the Partitions, Calling Search Space,Route Group, etc... And then use a Batch tool to add the phone devices, would that work better then trying to convert the whole datastructure?

Re: CCM3.3.2 to CCM5.1 Upgrade

You can do this as well. It will be a lot of work though. Remember Bat files are not interversion compatible, even though most fields may remain the same, you still may have to do some formatting after exporting the current database through Bat.



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Re: CCM3.3.2 to CCM5.1 Upgrade

Hey Sankar!

I have a ICS7750 to change out to CM6. I have never used this version or platform but im sure I can figure it out.

Is there anyway to export the phones out of this device or do i have to manually enter in all the MACs into CM6. It's about 80 phones and one site, so I can rebuilt it fairly easy without having to rely on DMA.


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