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CCM5.1 Partition issue


everytime i change a DN's partiton the phone becomes unreachable.

scenario - i have a phone in partition internal and i change it to partition local.

results - if i do a search in Directory number i get 2 of the same DN one in internal and one in local. (I was told that this is how ccm works). if i try to call the DN i get busy. i then delete internal but nothing changes, still busy. if i then put back the DN in internal the call goes through like normal.

A reboot on the server sometimes work but sometimes it does not as well.

I have opened a case with TAC but maybe you guys might have some insight.

This is ccm 5.1.2 3000 (Pub and Sub). i have another customer that does not have this issue with the same version. the difference between the two is that this one was an upgrade from 5.0.4 to 5.1.2

any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Note: if i do a DNA it shows the call flow properly with the new partition info.


Re: CCM5.1 Partition issue

I have another post right now and a TAC case going with this and several other really strange issues with and upgraded 5.1.2 CM. In my case some DN's I randomly cant call, i end up deleting and adding the phone again to fix it. I also have other wierd things happening. Unfortunately I dont have any good advice but I am interested to see if anyone does. I have recently upgraded the cluster to 5.1.3 recently to see if that helps. I am waiting to see as it was very recent but so far so good.

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Re: CCM5.1 Partition issue

We had a similar problem to this and had to install, which is an ES patch, to solve the problem.


Re: CCM5.1 Partition issue


thanks for the replies. We initially upgraded to 5.1 to fix a bug in 5.0.4 with call pickups. that problem was sloved and now this one is happening. My customer is a bit on the irate side right now as he expects that we would tell him an "Upgrade" or "Update" would fix it. hehehe. i suppose you handle these things as it comes. i was a bit scared that it was an configuration issue on my side but we just got off the phone from tac and they said (Not exact words)

-It seems to be an issue where the 5.0.4 version is somehow conflicting with the upgraded 5.1 version.

they collected traces and should get back to us soon. in the mean time, i bracing myself to possible blow everything away and install from scratch.

ill keep you guys posted as to developments.

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