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New Member

CCM6 / Attendant Console Problems

Hi. Currently I'm configuring attendant console in a CCM6 environment. For some reason we are unable to bring up the call control. We are always receiving "Initialization of Call Control Failed. Retrying" message.

We follow the configuration guide for CCM6 completly. Create the AC user as application user.. assigned the ac user to the CTI Allow Call Park Monitoring Group as well as the CTI Allow all devices super user group.. also I add the specific Attendant Phone to the AC user as well but no luck...

On the client running XP with no Firewall turn on we are having:

32[Thread-12]02/28 14:20:10.171 ERROR Thread-12 >>> ACClientTelephonyMgr.init(): Failed to do provider Login. Unable to create provider -- user is not authorized, please check CM administration.

33[Thread-12]02/28 14:20:10.171 ERROR Thread-12 >>> Exception: Failed_Telephony_Init

Any ideas? Also I created the ACDeviceAuthenticateUser as the configuration guide says but no luck.. I'm out of ideas.. client machine has been rebooted as well as the CallManager.



Cisco Employee

Re: CCM6 / Attendant Console Problems

Hi, seems that you created the ACDeviceAuthentication application user, but did you make sure that this user matches the field on service parameters???

If you did not, please do so, by the way, you will need to associate the phones and pilots to this user.


Make sure that the user ID that you use for the device authentication user is the same as the value in the ACDeviceAuthentication field in the Service Parameters Configuration window for the Cisco CallManager Attendant Console Server service. For information on accessing the Cisco Unified CallManager Attendant Console service parameters


New Member

Re: CCM6 / Attendant Console Problems

Thanks.. I already did that with the ACDeviceAuthentication user but the result was the same. So I deleted the user and right now I'm only using the ac user... I already associate the phones and pilots to the ac but problem persist. The only thing that is working is the line states.. but still having problems controlling the phone line and call control never comes up.

Here the error I found on the CTI SDI traces:

02/28/2008 14:48:31.524 CTI|authenticationDB::authenticateUserWithPassword(): Found applicationuser|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:ALL><:FFFF>

02/28/2008 14:48:31.524 CTI|CCMEncryption::hexToPassword():enter|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:ALL><:FFFF>

02/28/2008 14:48:31.524 CTI|CCMEncryption::hexToPassword():exit|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:ALL><:FFFF>

02/28/2008 14:48:31.524 CTI|authenticationDB::authenticateUserWithPassword(): hexToPassword done|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:ALL><:FFFF>

02/28/2008 14:48:31.524 CTI|CCMEncryption::DecryptText:enter|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:ALL><:FFFF>

02/28/2008 14:48:31.524 CTI|CCMEncryption::DecryptText (Exit) (Success))|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:ALL><:FFFF>

02/28/2008 14:48:31.524 CTI|authenticationDB::authenticateUserWithPassword(): DecrptText Successful|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:ALL><:FFFF>

02/28/2008 14:48:31.524 CTI|authenticationDB::authenticateWithPW():passwords matched,exit: TRUE|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:ALL><:FFFF>

02/28/2008 14:48:31.524 CTI|AuthenticationImpl::setResults:enter|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:ALL><:FFFF>

02/28/2008 14:48:31.525 CTI|AuthenticationImpl::setResults retCode= 0|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:ALL><:FFFF>

02/28/2008 14:48:31.525 CTI|AuthenticationImpl::setResults daysToExpiry= 0|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:ALL><:FFFF>

02/28/2008 14:48:31.525 CTI|AuthenticationImpl::setResults WarnUser= 0|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:ALL><:FFFF>

02/28/2008 14:48:31.525 CTI|AuthenticationImpl::setResults logLevel is 6|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:ALL><:FFFF>

02/28/2008 14:48:31.525 CTI|DbAccess::ReadCtiUserSettingsReq|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:1><:><:><:DETAILED><:0800>

02/28/2008 14:48:31.525 CTI|CTIUserCache::GetUserPkId|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:1><:><:><:DETAILED><:0800>

02/28/2008 14:48:31.525 CTI|CTIUserCache::GetUserSettings userPkid=99f0674b-8b9b-d558-29e0-4e414e8027b7|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:1><:><:><:DETAILED><:0800>

02/28/2008 14:48:31.525 CTI|CQBEBuilder::BuildQbeMessage(): objectID=3|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:DETAILED><:0800>

02/28/2008 14:48:31.525 CTI|CTIHandler::OutputQbeMessage(): TcpHandle=[1:200:7:10] Qbe Prefix={0xc48ffec,0x98} pQbeMsg=0xc48fff4 qbeMsgSize=0x98 tmpLen=0xa0 msgSize_=0xa0|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:1><:><:><:DETAILED><:0800>

02/28/2008 14:48:31.525 CTI|kCtiProviderOpenFailure - CTI application failed to open provider CTIconnectionId:10 Login User Id:ac Reason code.:-1932787617 IPAddress: App ID:Cisco CTIManager Cluster ID:StandAloneCluster Node ID:ccm01|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:ALARM><:ALL><:FFFF>

02/28/2008 14:48:31.525 CTI|CQBEBuilder::BuildQbeMessage(): objectID=132|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:DETAILED><:0800>



New Member

Re: CCM6 / Attendant Console Problems

I got a similar problem following the instructions step by step. In my case after looking around I found that the app users (ac and ACDeviceAuthenticateUser) were missing from the following group: "Standard CTI Enabled".

Go to User Management and then to User Group, add both app users (ac and ACDeviceAuthenticateUser).

Keep in mind that I am assuming that you did everything else base on the documentation for "CCM6 Features and Service Guide"



Re: CCM6 / Attendant Console Problems


I finally fix my problem my issue was the same and I fixed this way:

You must associate the attendant console application user to the Standard CTI Enabled users(both users) group and the Standard CTI Allow Call Park (both users), and Standard CTI Allow Control of All Devices (ac user).

- Inside of the user: ACDeviceAuthenticationUser associate the phone only.

- Inside the user: ac associate the pilot point only.

This way I fix my problem.

If this works for you, pls "rate me"

New Member

Re: CCM6 / Attendant Console Problems


the fix for mine was to add all of the CTI groups to both application users: ac & acdeviceauthetication user

That then made it worked!