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CCME 7 - EM login display

Hi ;

manage configure EM for CCE 7. When i login from one of the IP Phone C7942, it manage to login but i have to press 3 x "Exit" button then only to right extension page. By right the extension page auto come out once you login right ? what is missing ?

Below here the summary config of CCME 7 ;

version : c2800nm-spservicesk9-mz.124-24.T2.bin

voice logout-profile 1
pin 9999
user klg password abc123
number 10001 type silent-ring
number 10002 type beep-ring
number 10003 type feature-ring
number 10004 type monitor-ring
number 10005,10006 type overlay
number 10007,10008 type cw-overlay
voice user-profile 1
pin 9999
user 30204428 password 652801
number 52801 type normal
voice user-profile 2
pin 9999
user 30200039 password 652802
number 52802 type normal
voice user-profile 3
pin 9999
user 30200773 password 652803
number 52803 type normal

ephone-dn  1  dual-line
number 52801
label Anna Chua 52801
description +603 33752801
corlist incoming Manager
ephone-dn  2  dual-line
number 52802
label Noraini Johan 52802
description +603 33752802
corlist incoming Manager

ephone  3
no phone-ui speeddial-fastdial
no phone-ui snr
no multicast-moh
mac-address 0027.0DBD.E759
type 7942
logout-profile 1
ephone  4
no phone-ui speeddial-fastdial
no phone-ui snr
no multicast-moh
mac-address 0027.0D3F.8543
type 7942
logout-profile 1

Pls advice for the soluiton, so that when user login auto go to extension page. Thanks.



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Re: CCME 7 - EM login display

Hi Tan,

It sounds like it might be throwing errors.

When you say you must press exit three times what is on the display?

Have you checked the status messages on the phone for clues?

Do you alos have the following commands in the config?


1. enable

2. configure terminal

3. ip http server

4. telephony-service

5. url authentication url-address application-name password

If you created a new or modified an existing logout or user profile, you must restart the phones to propagate the changes. See "Resetting and Restarting Phones" on page 271.

If you enabled one or more Cisco Unified IP phones for Extension Mobility, generate a new configuration file and restart the phones. See "Generating Configuration Files for Phones" on page 261.



Community Member

Re: CCME 7 - EM login display

Art ;

there is no "error" message on the phone. Other IP Phone and profile get the same symptom.

1st press "exit" buttom it go back to EM "login & password" page.

2nd press "exit" button it go backward to services page "select EM" page.

3rd press "exit" button it go normal extension page.

in my telephony-service as per below ;

sdspfarm conference mute-on 111 mute-off 222
sdspfarm units 1
sdspfarm tag 1 confdsp1
conference hardware
authentication credential admin cisco
max-ephones 60
max-dn 60
ip source-address port 2000
auto assign 1 to 60
timeouts interdigit 5
system message HSBC KLG
url services
url authentication 
load 7942 SCCP42.8-4-2S
time-zone 42
date-format dd-mm-yy
dialplan-pattern 1 3375.... extension-length 5
voicemail 52999
max-conferences 8 gain -6
web admin system name admin password cisco
transfer-system full-consult
create cnf-files version-stamp 7960 Nov 30 2009 15:26:54

Any idea ? Thanks.




Re: CCME 7 - EM login display

Hi Tan,

I hope you've sorted this before now, but I just came across your post and thought I'd let you know that you need to include a user in the authenticate url for it to automatically come out of the EM screen

so this line

url authentication

needs to become

url authentication name password

it doesn't matter what the name and password are just so long as the name us unique on the system.



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