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CCMUser Web page authentication error


I can't get the CCMUser web pages to work on a reinstall of 3.33 server updated to 3.3(5)SR2.

I've been through the other forum posts, and have set the IIS permissions as best as I can for CCMUser and verified the default IIS properties were set right.

When I try to set the CCMUser to use High for Application Protection it pops up and saids Invalid Login, but it accepts Medium Protection but when you go to /ccmuser it gives a 401.1 error for unathorized. The other thing is the IIS Default Web site COM+ items are not listed under component services.

Anyone know how to fix this and get this working? I am guessing it issues with IIS settings. What is IIS looking for authenication wise from medium to high protection? The anonymous user username is set right under the Directory Security and it accepted the password there.


Re: CCMUser Web page authentication error

Did u already run Adminutility to reset all passwords?

Do we have COM services for CCMuser?

CSA running by any chance?

Did u already reboot after changing permissions (Have seen this before)

Re: CCMUser Web page authentication error

There is no COM User for CCMUser under Component Services, My Computer.


Have not ran Adminutility, new install and all passwords were set the same.

Have not rebooted yet. I will check tomorrow as they were rebooting tonight after BARS install.

Re: CCMUser Web page authentication error

Any more ideas on fixing this?

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