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CCNP Voice Lab - What to buy?

Hi folks,


I've been searching the web for some examples of a voice lab, however to me it's unclear on exactly what I need. Do you mind taking 5 minutes to help me out?


I've already got a lab using ESXi, CSR1000v a couple of PIX 515's and a POE switch along with 6 x 3750's. I've got several 2621XM on a shelf that could be restored with 64MB of Flash and 256MB of RAM. I've also got a 2851 but with no RAM or Flash. Plus 2 IP Phones.


What I'd like to do is build a voice lab that allows me to setup CME and to simulate calls going across PSTN (to simulate WAN failover). I imagine I'll only need two physical routers, the rest can be done within ESXi using CUCM with CIPC's, unless of course the IP Phones are required when the site is running CME.


I want to simulate a company that grows from single site, to multiple site centralised CUCM, then build a de-centralised cluster then move to a cluster to cluster over the WAN. Working this way with a goal helps me learn rather than reading books/watching videos.


What cards/routers/cables do I need?


many thanks


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Sorry forgot to mention I've

Sorry forgot to mention I've already got CUCM setup and running with 2 IP Phones successfully using ESXi and the POE switch.

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This could be a good starting

This could be a good starting point to see what cards are compatible with what you have now.

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Thanks afmmanicke, Which of

Thanks afmmanicke,


Which of these cards however do I need and why?


I've seen that the following versions of CME are available, for studying what do you folks recommend? 

8.6 - Cisco 28XX

4.1 - Cisco 2621XM

I'm leaning towards 8.6 but for CCNP Voice not sure if it's overkill or 4.1 is not enough.  Version 8.8 and above requires 29XX which is out of my budget.





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ok so here's what I'm

ok so here's what I'm thinking...

On both sites a 2811 router running CME 8.6 with a VWIC2-2MFT-T1/E1 (with cross-over cable) plus a PVDM2-8. Do I need any Network Modules?

Is this all I need?

Sorry to spam but been digging around to save others having to do so.



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Sorry I should really have

Sorry I should really have said instead of PSTN that it would probably be a T1/E1. Your never going to have intersite links with a voice backup using PSTN :)

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