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New Member

CDR Analysis and Reporting - NULL media info?

We are having an issue with 'robotic' voice originating from one of our sites, we were advised to use CDR to take a closer look at the calls for dropped packets.

When running a report on a user extension we are getting NULL values for media info - Orig Pkts, Dest Pkts, Orig Pkts Lost and Dest Pkts Lost.

This is not happening on every extension, ie I can make a call from 5555 to 4444 and it reports the media info fine, try with 5222 - 4222 and we get NULL for every result?

These are 7xxx series phones. Load SCCP41.8-5-3S

CUCM 7.13

CDR Load is set to Continuous Loading 24x7

Thanks in adavance for any pointers!


New Member

CDR Analysis and Reporting - NULL media info?

I have the same issue... I have a user telling me they are getting voice mails, but have no missed calls on his phone.

When I check my CDR... I have NULL... I have put pictures in to show.

Need to know why this is, and WHO this is calling!

CDR Analysis and Reporting - NULL media info?

Most likely the call included a H323 or SIP endpoint that doesnt report CMR information. Not all calls include CMR information, mostly SCCP and MGCP are the protocols that report this information.

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