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Hey All,

I have a fun task that I was looking for some ideas on. This is CCM 4.1.3

Basically something got messed up and now I am missing records in my ART database between the 2nd and 20th of this month. We resolved the issue on the 21st and now we are happily pushing data to the ART database and are able to run those pretty billing reports.

My problem: The manager is so desperate for this data in a pretty billing report that he's willing to go through all the CDR records 1-by-1 and paste the information into Excel, run algorithms on the data and spit out a report. I told him that is asinine b/c there are well over 45,000 records. He won't finish doing that until mid 2025.

Of course, I can pull the data out with some SQL queries and with some tweaking be able to possibly reproduce these reports to some extent. I don't really want to do that. I'd be much happier if I could just get the data pushed from CDR to ART and let all the built in procedures take care of formatting, calculations, etc...

I opened a TAC case and they said this was not possible, but I don't think he really understood what I wanted. Instead of arguing with him I was wondering if anyone has ran into this before. It has to be rather simple to move the data from CDR to ART b/c CallManager is configured to do this anyway. Why can't I go back a few weeks and get the data that I'm missing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Ok Let me understand:

You can to configure custom queries into CUCM so it gives you the information you want and pull that information from CAR?

Or you want to generate a report that is not available in CDR?

If above is true then no, thats not possible, but let us know... with an example so we all understand what you guys want?

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Hi Jacob,

There are some related resolutions in this tech note;

Data is Absent in Reports Created by the CAR Tool

Hope this helps!


New Member


Thanks Rob. I had read that document, but I was sure what the behavior should be after I purge the ART database.

Does anyone know if I purge the ART database, the next time the CDR Insert runs will it pull in all CDR records into the ART database or does it only go back a certain number of days/weeks?

To clarify, I am missing data in the ART database for a few weeks from this month, although the CDR records are in the CDR database. I need to get those records over to the ART database.

Thanks for any replies!

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Hi Jacob,

You are most welcome my friend :) I really believe that the solution shown in "Cause 1" should solve this issue. Any records that still reside in the CDR dB should be pushed across to ART.

That being said, I have never had to do this, so I can't verify it 100%.

It may be time for a TAC case here, or go for broke. It doesn't sound like the alternative is a like a great bet ;-)

Trying to get the bills paid in 2025 may be a hard sell.