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New Member

CDR Error Code : 40006

Hello ,

we have CUCM 6.1 , and unable generate CDR report of more then one month . i getting Error 40006 saying u can generate report for a month or less then a month .

how i can configure the report duration for more then a month .

please advice .

VIP Purple

CDR Error Code : 40006

Hi Aslam,

In all CDR Search reports, CUCM only displays the oldest 100 records that fall into the time and date range that we configure. If records are more than that, results are truncated.

You are trying to get CDR report for what i.e Gateways/Extensions.

Did u try selecting range for less than a month and getting some data?



New Member

CDR Error Code : 40006

Hello Aman ,

thanks for reply ,

yes i am able to get the record for less then a month but my customer requested me to have record of more then one month .

can i configure it for more then one month report ? if yes please tell me the path also .

VIP Purple

CDR Error Code : 40006

Hi Aslam,

I was referring the DOC

Reporting: Important limitations

All reports (User Reports, System Reports, Device Reports) are generated based on data in tbl_billing_data only.

For CAR (CDR Analysis and Reporting) reports:

- If CSV format is selected, it the report search is limited to 20,000 records

- If PDF format is selected, it the report search is limited to 5,000 records

The above limitation is documented in the Cisco Unified CDR Analysis and Reporting Administration Guide. Unless the CUCM version contains the fix for CSCsm17901, the system does NOT display any notification to the user that the report results may not be accurate if the above limits are violated.

Consider the following example to better understand this:

- Assume 1000 records are populated in tbl_billing_data each day.

- So, for the month of January, there'll be 31000 records in tbl_billing_data (1000 records per day * 31 days = 31000 records).

Lets say a PDF report is generated for period from Jan 1 to Jan 10th. In this case, the search should ideally span 10000 records (1000 records per day * 10 days = 10000 records). However, a PDF report is limited to search only 5000 records. In this case, the report results will not be accurate since the total number of records in the search period are greater than 5000! However, if you an CSV report is generated, then the report results will be accurate since the corresponding search can span upto 20000 records

Can u try in .csv format else you need to break up in two parts i.e 15 days ?



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