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cdr error


we are getting an error on the event viewer InsertCDR service is being run on a server that is not the CDR primary

App ID: Cisco CDR Insert

Cluster ID: StandAloneCluster

When i made asearch for the error i get the doc with solution that the cdr service should be only running on the publisher not the subscribers.But we get this error only in one cluster there is an connection to another cluster but that does not show the error although we have same setup for that cluster too.Plaese advice..


Re: cdr error

CDR should be enabled on all the servers which are running callmanager service. However,

the CDRInsert Service should be running only on the PUBLISHER. The following error

"InsertCDR service is being run on a server that is not the CDR primary" indicates you are

running CDRInsert Service on the SUBSCRIBER.

To remove the service and rid yourself of the errors, Goto CCM Administration >

Application > Cisco Call Manager Serviceability > Tools > Service Activation and

select the Subcriber > Uncheck InsertCDR Service and select update. This can be done

during production as it is not service impacting to your system.

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Re: cdr error

thanks for the reply.But the same service are running on the other cluster with same ver of ccm and running on all the sub's and pub.But the pub does not throw this error on that cluster.


Re: cdr error

For a little more detail- From this page click Help / About this page Then click on

"Service Considerations " Across Cisco CDR Insert you can see that it says "Activate on

the server that contains the CDR database" and Cisco recommends that you house the CDR

database on the Publisher Database Server.

not sure about settings on other cluster can u confirm or compare the values for following parameters on both clusters

under Service -> Service Parameter

Selected the publisher and then subscriber.

Verify these service parameter in Both the publisher and subscriber.

under "system" section

CDR Enabled Flag* = "True"

Re: cdr error

It does not matter that you are running the CDR Insert service on another cluster without the error. In fact it is weird that you are not getting the error also on that cluster. You MUST disable the CDR Insert service on the Subscriber servers and run it ONLY on the Publisher server, you need to do this on all your clusters, otherwise you could have problems inserting the flat files on the database.

Take a look to this document that we created, as you can see it says: "The CDR Insert service (see arrow A in Figure 2) should only run on a Cisco CallManager publisher in each Cisco CallManager cluster"

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