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CDR hunt group, register missed calls


I have a hunt group configured. I need to register the missed calls for each line inside the hunt group.

I am using CCM 7.1. This version doesn't support the summary hunt group report. I read version up 8.x support it.

The CDR file in my FTP server shows that when a call is made to the hunt pilot, and when the line member of the line group answers the call, the line member DN is registered in the finalCalledPartyNumber field.

For example, the call is made to hunt pilot 8181. Member 2121 of the line group answers the call. The register in the CDR file is:

originalCalledPartyNumber     finalCalledPartyNumber

8181                                        2121

When the call is not answered by the line group member, the register in the CDR file shows:

originalCalledPartyNumber     finalCalledPartyNumber

8181                                        8181

As you can see, the final called number is the same as the original. What I need in this last scenario, is that the system register the DN of the phones that doesn't answer the call, like in the first scenario.

I have set the function "Show Line Group Member DN in finalCalledPartyNumber CDR Field", which put the line group member in the CDR file when the line member answers the call, but not when the menber doesn't answer the call.

I know the CDR register the MAC address of the phone which is redirected the call. In this case I should configure to stop the hunt group hunting when a line member doesn't answer the call, so in the CDR file is registered the MAC of the phone that doesn't answer, losing the "next available phone in the group" feature.

Thanks for any suggestion.

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