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CDR is not listing out going calls

Hi All,

I am facing a strange issue. I noticed this while I was installing a Billing application (by the way - the Billing application is not reading the CDR downloaded from the CUCM).

My CUCM is not listing any out going calls in the CDR. To make sure I made  few calls from different extensions and tried to generate the report from 'CDR analysis and reporting' tool in CUCM.

None of the outgoing calls are being listed, but strangely I can see all the incoming calls.

I am using CUCM version: on a VM platform.

Please advice if any one ever faced a similar issue.


Bejoy Thomas

Cisco Employee

CDR is not listing out going calls

Is CDR enabled in all servers??

If the server which is getting the calls from GW doesn't have it enabled you can expect that.



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if this helps, please rate
Community Member

CDR is not listing out going calls

Hi Bejoy,

As Java has mentioned you need to enable CDR's on all nodes within the cluster, can you confirm the following:

1. CDR's enabled on all nodes (Disabled by default) Can be enabled through Serviceability.

2. Log calls with zero duration is enabled (Disabled by default)

3. How does your billing server obtain the CDR's? - SOAP request or FTP/SFTP? most call logging / accounting solutions tend to use FTP/SFTP, such as our own.

If 1 and 2 are enabled then I have seen instances where the UCM stops sending CDR's via FTP/SFTP.

You can restart the process of transmitting and CDR's that have not been sent by:

Login to the Cisco Unified Serviceability screen, located in the drop down list.

From the menu, select Tools, Control Center - Network Services.

You should now see a list of all the services, find the section CDR Services. Restart the services in the following order:

  • Cisco Database Layer Monitor (Depending on Cisco UCM version, you may not have this service)
  • Cisco CDR Repository Manager
  • Cisco CDR Agent
  • Cisco CAR Scheduler (If sending CMR's)

Let me know how you get on.

Best Regards.

Community Member

CDR is not listing out going calls

Dear Java & Jamie,

That was exactly the problem. It was a silly mistake.

The CAR services were running but, the 'CDR Enabled Flag' was not set to True in the Service Parameter of the Subscriber. And all phones where registered to the Subscriber.


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