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cdr problem


i have a cisco business edition ver 7 with 3G space for cdr database

the problem is that i recive only 100 records add i have many many more
(cisco pdf written untill 1 milion records)

the cdr configure ass 80% purge and for know the database is full 61% and 90 days of records


Cisco Employee

Re: cdr problem

I'll assume you mean the reports, that's expected

When you click on the Send Report button on any result page, a maximum of 20 records in that page is
emailed to the recipient. For performance reasons in cdr search, the number of records have been
truncated to 100 deliberately.

In all CDR Search reports, the system only displays the oldest 100 records that fall into the time and date
range that you configure. The CDR Search reports generate only in HTML format.

CDR Search by User Extension—Available for CAR administrators. You can search CDRs by user
or directory number (calling, original called, final called, or bridge number) to analyze call details
for the first 100 records that satisfy the search criteria.You can search for calls by using specific
numbers for the period that you specify, which helps you trace calls that are placed from or to any
specific numbers for diagnostic or informational purposes. All associated records, such as transfer
and conference calls, appear together as a logical group. If you do not specify an extension, the
system returns the first 100 CDR records that match the date range that you specify.

Only CAR administrators use the CDR Search by User Extension feature.
This section describes how to show the details of CDR data based on a user or extension. You can search
CDR data by user or directory number (calling, original called, or final called) to analyze call details for
the oldest 100 records that satisfy the search criteria. If more than 100 records are returned, the system
truncates the results.

Download the PDF and search for 100, it will tell you where the limitation applies:



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if this helps, please rate
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Re: cdr problem

thanks man

u r the best!!!

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