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CDR Question

I have a client that is complaining that when transferring a call or building a conference call, the callingPartyNumber in the CDR is displaying as a 10 digit DID instead of the 4 digit extension.  Can anyone provide any insight as to why this might be happening?

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Re: CDR Question


Do you have a 4 digit dialing plan or a 10 digit dialing plan?  Are you using translation patterns to allow 4 digit dialing?  What is the External Phone Number Mask of the DN set to?


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Re: CDR Question

Yes we do have a 4 digit dialing plan.  All extensions are setup with 4 digit extensions and I only have to dial those 4 digits to get to other extensions.  For instance, in my current situation, if 1234 is the originator and 6789 is the destination, all I have to do to transfer a call is dial 6789 and the call goes through.  The only odd part is the CDR shows the callingpartynumber for the originator as the 10 digit DID.  We are using some Translation Patterns but they are mostly for specific numbers and there are not Translation Patterns setup for either of the extensions involved here.  The external phone number mask for the originator (which is what appears in the CDR record) is the 10 digit DID.  Hopefully I have provided all of the information you needed.  If you require more information, please let me know.  Thanks. 

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