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CDR records and Billing Server

Has anyone ever noticed whether CDR's are immediately purged from the CDR DB when the records are pushed to a Billing Server? My understanding is the CDR records are maintained according to the CDR Management configuration using the Water Marks and Disk Allocation, and only purged once criteria are met…? All the defaults are set for CDR Mgmt, 3GB Disk Allocation, HWM=80%, LWM=40%... The CDR's should not be purging CDR's that have been delivered to CAR (ART DB) or the Billing Server until the water mark is reached. The CDR database always says no records available (Error Code: 10021) when queried from CAR, CDR->Search, but the Billing Server continues to get records. (as follows)

The reason I am trying to query the CDR DB directly is because a Billing Server only gets records from a PRI circuit receiving local calls, where records for calls received on a CAS-T1 circuit never show up. All calls for both circuits are translated to the same internal DN and take the same internal route path, and the calls always completed successfully, as intended. If the call routing is working as desired, terminating on an internal DN, what the heck is going on with the CDR only creating records for calls from a particular circuit, since they are treated the same once in the system?

Appropriate CDR fields and services have been disabled/re-enabled and restarted, servers also rebooted. No change.

I found a forum that stated to run the following (which I did on the Pub)

- run sql Select max(Error_Record_Id) from car:tbl_error_id_map

- <returned> 209151

- run sql update car:tbl_system_preferences set param_value=209152

- <returned> rows: 26

- restarted CDR Agents, CDR Repository on Pub, Cisco DB Layer Monitors

Still no CDR Records. System set as follows:

CM:, Publisher and Subscriber server, all devices registered to Sub

Service Params:

- CDR Enabled Flag=TRUE (Pub and Sub)

- Zero Duration Flag=TRUE (Pub and Sub)

- Call Diagnostics Enabled=FALSE (Pub and Sub)

** we do not want CMR records generated, but we tried to enable this regardless, and no change

Enterprise Params:

- CDR Time Interval=15

(we set this to 1 for testing, so CDR records generate every minute)

Services running:

- DB Layer Monitor (Pub and Sub)

- CDR Repository Manager (Pub and Sub)

- CDR Agent (Pub and Sub)

- SOAP, CDRonDemand (Pub only)

- CAR Scheduler (Pub only)

- CAR Web Service (Pub only)


Re: CDR records and Billing Server

When the disk usage exceeds the percentage that you specify and the Disable CDR/CMR Files Deletion Based on HWM check box is unchecked, the system automatically purges all successfully processed CDR and CMR files (those delivered to billing servers and loaded to CAR) beginning with the oldest files to reduce disk usage to the amount that you specify in the Low Water Mark (%) drop-down list box.


Re: CDR records and Billing Server

If there's no record in database, that means CDR load failed. You may go to CAR > Log Screen > Event Log to look at the CDR Load events.

If you got data on one circuit but not the other, it's probably those circuits (the associated GW) was registered to different CUCM. CDR flag was per box configuration.


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Re: CDR records and Billing Server

I have the same issue. When i check event log - CDR load, the job is unsuccessful. Can you give some idea what's the next step for trouble shooting?