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CDR report for SIP trunks in CUCM 6.1.2

Is there a way in CDR reports to get a report of incoming calls on SIP trunks?

I was trying to do a gateway detail report which lists the calls on

selected gateways, and has the number called, the calling number, etc

but under gateway types there is not an option for a SIP trunk or any

kind of trunk anywhere. The gateway summary report only shows calls

for a remote H323 gateway, but we're looking for inbound calls on the

clients main telephone company trunks which are all SIP.

This is on a Call Manager version 6.1.2-1000.

Cisco Employee

Re: CDR report for SIP trunks in CUCM 6.1.2


You can check this bug:



Calls through an H.323 or SIP Trunk do not show up in the gateway utilization

reports in the CDR Analysis and Reporting Tool on Cisco Unified Communications



Using the Gateway Utilization report to monitor trunk utilization.



The bug is New and I believe there's no fix yet.

Regards, Tere. If you find this post helpful, please rate! :)

Re: CDR report for SIP trunks in CUCM 6.1.2


So, there is no option in CDR to get call reports on these calls without using a third party tool now?

Cisco Employee

I was working with a customer

I was working with a customer with the same issue/question, I found this support forums while researching the issue, but there wasn't enough info. I'd like to share the Steps Done/ Resolution of that case:

Problem Description:

Customer wants to get CDR reports for their SIP trunks specifically.



Actions Taken:


-From the CDR tool if we filter by "Gateways" we only see H323 and MGCP gateways, SIP trunks don't come up.


-If we try to filter by “Trunks” specifically, we only have the option to extract "Utilization" information, which only displays bandwidth usage info, not calls info.


-After further investigation, it looks like the only way to export SIP trunk calls information on CDR is to do a full export:


I provided these steps:


1-Go to CDR Analysis and Reporting> Export CDR/CMR> Enable CDR records only> Click on "Export file".

2-Go to Excel> Open > Look for that file. On the import wizard select "Delimited" instad of "Fixed width"> Next>  Check "Comma" as the Delimiter> Finish

3-You can use Control+F and navigate on the file, some filters that can be used are:




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