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CDR report how to show transfers.

I have run a CDR report in CUCM 6.1.5 and I can see 'callingPartyNumber' (incoming number), 'originalCalledPartyNumber' (number that originally is called), 'lastRedirectDn' (any number it was transfered to), and 'finalCalledPartyNumber' (final number that was transferred to).

However, all the numbers are the same.  For example, an outside number dials an internal phone queue extension (7616), it is then picked up by a user at extension 5000.  But all I see is 7616 for called party and any transfers that are made and not what extension picked it up. 

I hope this makes sense at all.  Is this a limitation of the reporting or am I not looking in the correct place?  I want to see when a user picks up from a call queue basically.               

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CDR report how to show transfers.

Hi Eric,

The information you are seeing in the CDR/Cisco reports is always like this with queue extensions/shared lines using their number fields.

There are ways around it using 3rd party reporting tools to show the correct number.

We produce a product that uses AXL integration to overcome this problem.  More information about our product, and it's integration with Cisco products is available here:

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CDR report how to show transfers.

A call can span multiple CDR entries. (I've seen calls span 5 or 6 CDR entries)

You first have to find one leg of the call (by date/time, calling or called party number). Then, you use the origlegcallidentifier field to find/join the other legs of the call together.


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