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CER 7.1> ERL Membership > Switchports > Import

I want to assign all ports on a switch to a single ERL. It’s easy to do via the GUI as I just search on IP and put check mark in the switch which selects all ports then hit Assign ERL. I have about 300 Catalyst switches of various makes/models and GUI would take awhile. Thought that Import might help here.

The view sample import indicates the following fields in sample Excel csv, those with * are mandatory, there are 3;

ERL Name*,Switch IP Address*,IfName,Location,Phone Extension,Phone IP Address,Phone Type,Port Name,Phone MAC Address,Switch HostName,Port Identifier*

Sample row;

New Zone,,Fa0/11,Cube 16 Floor 6,,, ,FastEthernet0/11, ,cat3524PWR-XL-MKTG:,0/11

The problem is the switch models vary so the Port Identifier vary, why can’t I just use the ERL Name and Switch IP Address and say all ports?  Like I’m going to know all the Port Identifiers?

Anyone know of a workaround? What I really want is;

ERL Name, Switch IP Address

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