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CER accidental calls to PSAP

I have a customer that recently moved to CUCM 6.1.3 and CER 2.0.3. The system is working as designed: 911 calls are going to the PSAP, however there are a lot more accidental 911 calls than they used to have when they were on Avaya. '9' remains their access code so it is no mystery what is happening. Users are dialing 911 by mistake and getting routed to the PSAP. One note: both 911 and 9911 are configured to go to the PSAP (9911 is translated to 911, which in turn matches the CTI RP and goes to CER). I am trying to confirm what was mitigated this issue on the Avaya but so far have not gotten any good information. I know changing the access code from 9 to another digit would go a long way to resolving this but that is not an option. Adding another RP that would compete with the 911 CTI RP would allow the T302 timer to kick in which would give more time for the caller to hang up before the call completes but I don't like that as a solution since it delays emergency calls.

Again, I know that this is working as designed. I am just trying to confirm if there are any other solutions that have been posed for this issue.

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Re: CER accidental calls to PSAP

This seems to be an issue with many. A deployment best practice is to start Agent ID's with {11xx}In my experience, this is a huge mistake... Anyway.

1.First thing is to change the T302 timer in CallManager. This will change the amount of seconds in between each digit dialed. Every time a new digit is entered, the timer resets. The default is 15 seconds. We changed ours to 4 seconds without issue. Go to service parameters. Select your pub. Select CallManager service.

Now you will need to make sure your route patterns follow a specific pattern for this to work.

9.[2-9]XXXXXX for Local

9.1[2-9]XX[2-9]XXXXXX For LD

911 for emergency without the priority routing.

One important note is to remind your users that if they do dial 911 in error, stay on the line and tell the Operator you called them in error. Doing so will prevent dispatch and expense... You can also look at the CER logs to find out who is misdialing a lot... Sometimes just them knowing that your watching them slows down thier dialing habit.

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Re: CER accidental calls to PSAP


I have had this same issue with a customer. When we debugged the issue, it was found the 911 pattern, not the 9911 pattern was always being dialed in error. Our solution was to decrease the T.302 timeout on UCM, and to add a competing 911+ translation pattern to delay the 911 call to CER.

Note, the delay only occurs on off hook dialing, not direct.

This will work for us until a feature is implemented in CER to address the issue.

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