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CER database question


I want to implement a CER solution, we already have CCM 4.1(3) and we have a legacy PBX that will be slowly left out.

We have an Oracle database that serves for all our telecommunications data needs, billing, inventory, etc. All the data is updated through every step, from the client that asks for a change to the technician that makes the x-connect.

Actually, when a 911 call is made, the information is taken from that Oracle database(calling number, name), processed on a Linux server: it interrogates the legacy PBX to know which port is physically attached to that number. If a DN is on multiple physical location, it interrogates the PBX again to know which port is active/off-hook, then forwards the physical location, name, number of the caller to our security service.

The Linux server that hosts the 911 application extracts a copy of the Oracle db so that if the Oracle server goes down, 911 calls can always be treated, even if the info is not fully accurate during the downtime of the real db.

My question is : how do I make the CER database interact with our Oracle database ? I don't want to duplicate all the information that is already there and accurate. In fact, the only reason we need CER is that we want to be notified if users move their phones and of course, we want to make sure that the info for the 911 call will be accurate as for the physical location of the caller. Actually, the info is 100% accurate for a legacy phone, but not if the call is from an IP phone because users have started to move them.



Re: CER database question

My guess, you would have to have someone create hooks ODBC I would imagine into the SQL CER database to pull information that you are looking for. I would however, have this SQL database replicated to another database live. From the 2nd database, I would then put the hooks in. (IE, dont hook into the live, hook into the replicated database)

If CER is setup correctly, you should not your notification system. Just CER and SMTP. It will send out an event alarm via SMTP to designated groups. Have the SMTP server process the message and push it to where you want it go.

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Re: CER database question


Thank you for the reply, I still have a few questions. Where can I find the database structure, i.e. table names and fields in CER ?

I don't understand what you mean by "If CER is setup correctly, you should not your notification system. Just CER and SMTP."



Re: CER database question

Here's a question - in the SMTP e-mail, I only see the extension of the caller who dialed 911. Is there any setting that can be used to match the extension to a User?


EMERGENCY CALL DETAILS (Generated by CiscoER) Caller Extension : 1234

Zone/ERL : 2N

Location : 2nd Floor - North Side

Call Time : March 29, 2007 9:26:37 AM PDT

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