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CER Emergency Responder for UK use

Hi, I have seen little demand for CER in the UK, but now I have a customer for whom this might be a usefull solution.

The customer has a massive plant, with a 24/7 control room and their own internal emergency service control desk. Today, the policy is to call the internal number for the control desk, in an emergency. They can call 999 (read 911) so the CER should cater for both their internal extension number and 999 services (I guess these are PSAPs in CER speak).

Can CER handle two numbers one internal one external?

Interested to hear from anyone who has deployed CER in the UK as well.



Re: CER Emergency Responder for UK use

You could still use CER internally. It will still be able to track phones, locations, and send alerts via Phone or SMTP to the ER desk. Im sure it will not work with the PSAP, because this is more for Americas 911 system.

If someone dials 999 in the plant, you can pre-defined ER Locations (by switch) It will then know where to route the call to. For example:

3rd floor in building 15 of the plant.

100 IP phones, connected to (3) different Cisco switches.

The (3) switches are in a zone called "3rd floor building 15".

Any phone plugged into these 3 three switches are organized into this zone.

If someone dials 999 from one of these 100 phones, CER can respond by forwarding the call to the control room.

The control room could have an attendant console setup with the incoming pilot number from that ERL. They would know on their screen x4000 is from zone "3rd floor building 15". They can respond accordingly immediately.

You can of course, track down to the port location, but you have to setup the entire switchport to floor location, assign numbers, etc.

If the control center is down, call coverage should send the call to the local 911 operators on the pstn. If CER is down, it will do the same also (if you choose)

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Re: CER Emergency Responder for UK use

CER is supported for other markets besides US as it essentailly performs the same role, just dials different emergency number.



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