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CER IP subnets

Hi All,

I am using CER with IP subnets to discover phones because our switches infrastructure are not supported by CER. there is a large campus with multiple buildings and subnets. most of the users are using extension mobility in different building. the problem is, CER discovers phones only once a day, if someone from buildingA login to a phone in buildingB, and immediately calls 911, CER sends wrong ELIN to PSAP.

if there is any work around, I'll be very appreciated to share with me.



Re: CER IP subnets

You are not limited to one discovery per 24 hour period.  That is the default for sure, but you can configure multiple discoveries throughout the course of the day.  Cisco recommends up to 4 discoveries.  In addition, you can configure incremental or partial discoveries throughout the day.  You define the intcremental discovery in minutes.  Basically, CER has a set schedule to do a complete/full phone tracking update.  You can schedule this multiple times a day.  Say midnight, 6am, noon, 6pm.  Then you can also have incremental updates throughout the day.

I had a customer a few years back with like 11,000 IP phones and EM enabled for a few thousand folks who were always milling around the various buildings.  We used a schedule similar to what I describe above and things were pretty solid.



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